Nostalgic Christmas™ Ornament Kit - Shimmer Snowflakes

  • Imagine Christmas, but personalized. The Nostalgic Christmas™ collection brings you original tree ornaments that are as beautiful as they are fun to create. These shimmering snowflakes are fun and easy to make, but the result is unusual and stunning! The frosty finish softens the unusual iridescent shimmer beads, tinted in a subtle glacier blue. Real cut crystal beads catch the light in a different way, giving flashes of sparkle. Aurora finish seed beads create a lacy look.
    This DIY kit has all the materials you need to create heirloom quality beaded ornaments that will easily be the highlight of any tree or window. You start with a pre-formed, six-pointed wire armature, and thread on beads. The circle of shimmer beads and seed beads is easy to create, with quality craft wire and a simple method. Finish by simply forming a little loop on each spoke. This kit makes three snowflake ornaments, as pictured. This item matches our Shimmer Icicles kit!

    Each kit includes:
    - Pre-formed wire snowflake forms.
    - Craft wire.
    - Jewelry-quality aurora crystal beads
    - Gleaming, iridescent shimmer glass beads.
    - Glimmering aurora seed beads.
    - Easy to follow, illustrated instructions.

    Embrace a crafty Christmas with our easy to create, hard to forget beaded ornament kits.

    Approx. size of each ornament = 3 in. (7 cm) point to point. 
    Tools needed = ruler, round-nosed pliers, jewelry wire cutters, memory wire cutters, and something for hanging the decorations, such as ribbon, cord, or ornament hangers.
    Approx. time need to create = 20-30 minutes per ornament.
    Experience needed = It's very easy to thread the beads; some hand strength and proper round-nose pliers needed to make the little loops on the snowflake forms.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
April M

I was working on my first snowflake and it was going fine then one of my spokes broke off so now it’s ruined. I don’t even know if I should waste my time with the rest of them.

As we say on all of our instruction sheets, if you have questions, please email and we will work to resolve problems. In this case, we apologize that your snowflake form broke, and we do understand the frustration. We will be more than happy to replace the broken snowflake form if you would like. We have also created a short video that we hope may help in preventing future breakage at the weld of those forms:


Kits were relatively easy as long as you have the correct pliers & cutters, plus an adhesive usable on metal. However, the wire included is very easy to kink & break. I had to buy a spool of wire the same gauge to replace the wire that snapped. Also the tips of the snowflake are almost impossible to bend & the spokes broke off due to poor soldering. I had to reinforce with E-5000 glue & instead of bending the end of the spokes, I added extra beads, cut the spoke & sealed with E-5000 glue. Plus created a hanging loop on one spoke with leftover wire threaded into beads & twisted above the last bead then sealed with glue. So, a bit more involved than what the instructions said & extra cost as well.

We are sorry you found the kit components insufficient. As always, we invite customers to contact us directly for assistance if there is a deficiency or other problem with a kit from us. We do caution that the snowflake forms are of hardened metal, and proper tools and some degree of hand strength is needed to make loops on the ends. Sounds as though this reviewer was inventive about making things work for her!


Very pretty! Glad I ordered these

Jaime Schwartz
Very pretty

A bit smaller than I expected, but these were so easy to bead, the wire was a challenge to snip off and bend around but after the first o e it wasn't too bad. These are so pretty and classic looking. Great quality beads as usual.

Robert Rice
Nostalgic Christmas™ Ornament Kit - Shimmer Snowflakes

Easy to complete, only flaw, the blue beads in kit I received could have been a little bluer for better contrast

Judy Jordan Rash

The instructions were easy to follow, the beads were beautiful colors and the finished product was very rewarding!

Christmas stars

Very nice, easy directions, my only problem was turning the ends of each spoke you need a hefty set of pliers or or vice grips to get them turned.

Beautiful...and easy!

The instructions for these snowflake ornaments are very clear and easy to follow, and the beads supplied make beautiful, sparkly ornaments. I highly recommend this set!

Caron O Dowd
Crystal snowflake

Beautiful product but memory wire a bit hard to cut I used new heavy duty side cutters but still quite hard to cut and I damaged some of my crystals but they look beautiful when finished.

The Solid Oak Way