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Nostalgic Christmas™ Ornament Kit - Christmas Gnomes

  • Imagine Christmas, but personalized. The Nostalgic Christmas™ collection brings you original tree ornaments that are as beautiful as they are fun to create.

    Gnomes are here, to adorn your decorating with their charming, folk art style! You make them, but we make it easy to do! We've created and pre-painted wood hat shapes; no messy painting required. The kit includes two of each style: red, green, and blue. The noses are wood beads, and the beards and mustaches are easily made from the same type of soft, cotton macramé cord that is used in Solid Oak's top-rated Make-ramé kits. The cute little guys can all have different personalities depending on how you comb and trim their mustaches and beards. This DIY kit has all the materials you need to create heirloom quality holiday ornaments that will easily be the highlight of any tree or window. This kit makes six gnome ornaments, as pictured.

    Each kit includes:
    - Wood hat shapes; 2 each red, green, blue.
    - Wood beads.
    - Macramé cord.
    - Plastic needle.
    - Easy to follow, illustrated instructions (English, Français, Español).

    Embrace a crafty Christmas with our easy to create, hard to forget, adorable ornament kits.

    Approx. size of each ornament = 4.5 - 6 in. (11 - 15 cm) top to bottom, depending on how you trim the beards.
    Tools needed = Ruler, scissors, and comb. Also helpful: crochet hook, glue.
    Approx. time need to create = 20 minutes per ornament.
    Experience needed = This kit is fairly straightforward to make - it's one of our easier kits! Combing out the mustaches and beards takes a little patience.

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