Make-ramé™ Kit - Old Glory

  • Like all of our kits, this is a Solid Oak original. designed right here in Rhode Island, USA. American pride has many levels, but one constant symbol of our freedom and the diverse richness of our 50 states is our national flag. This unique macramé kit design lets you knot your own flag hanging. It's large, measuring approximately 14 in. W x 32 in. H (36 cm W x 81 cm H). The flag uses the same high-quality cotton cord as used in our other Make-ramé kits. Each flag color - deep red, natural unbleached, and rich navy blue - comes wound neatly on a spool for tangle-free measuring.

    A few people have wondered if this flag design is hanging correctly, with the blue field at the top left. We assure you, this is correct. According to the United States government's documents on flag etiquette, the blue field is at top left for both horizontal and vertical display.

    Solid Oak's Make-ramé™ DIY home décor is a retro art form with modern style. A few simple types of knots are used to create this amazing piece of wall art that will last for years. Create it by yourself to decompress or have a macramé party with family and friends!

    This kit includes:
    - One 54.5 yd. (50 m) spool each color: deep red, natural white, and navy blue 2mm thick macramé cord
    - One length of natural color thick 4 mm cord for the tasseled hanger
    - Natural wood branch hanging rod
    - 50 natural wood beads - one to represent each star
    - Illustrated instructions with details for each kind of knot used, as well as walking you through the steps to create a beautiful flag to display

    All you need for tools will be scissors, a measuring stick, household tape, and a little bit of glue.

    The knots are truly simple, but a real newbie at macramé might be more comfortable starting with one of our smaller kits.

    Time needed to create: 8-10 Hours
    Finished size = about 14 in. x 32 in. (36 cm x 81 cm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 201 reviews
Reatha Abrams
Ol Glory

I have enjoyed doing this. The instructions are easy to understand and follow. I love how it turned out!!

Debbie McKay
Old glory macrame

I love it. I just finished it. i was able to finish and love the qay it came out.

Dawn Hines
Easy and Gratifying

The instructions are excellent and easy to follow even if you've never done macrame. I did a bit of ad lib to make it look war worn.

Liane Taylor
Old Glory Kit

I received the kit in less time than expected. It came with everything needed plus an instruction book and knotting instructions. Colors of cords are great. Can't wait to get started on this!

Keila Auriene
Love it

It was so easy to follow the instructions and it turned out great

Donna Blend

I am working on it slowly. I am enjoying my time as I am able to work on it outside. It is working up as I go through the instructions and I feel as though I will be able to complete it.

Melissa Smith
Gorgeous and fun

This was my first ever experience with macrame and it was so easy and fun! The instructions were clear and concise and the final product turned out amazing!

Heather Edenfield-Fenton
Branch used as dowel rod not long enough

The deficient rod doesn't allow the macrame to lie flat. It bunches up and makes the piece look uneven. I thought of removing included branch/stick and replacing with a longer rod. However, my larks head knots were made to accommodate the branch, which had slight natural imperfections. Therefore, removing branch and replacing with a dowel would result in uneven knots at the top. Easier to start over on a longer rod.

We work tightly when attaching cords to the stick and making those first Clove Hitches. When the cords are smooshed close together this way, the supplied branch is long enough. For anyone who prefers a less densely knotted macrame style, a longer branch wouldn't hurt.

Nina Watters
macramé flag

I've looked at the kit, I love it, beautiful colors . As of right now it's hard to find time to make it. I use to Macramé a number of years ago, so can't wait to make it.

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