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Make-ramé™ Kit - Leaves

  • Freeform branches and leaves are the soft touch for this amazing knotted design. The kit is easier than it looks!

    Solid Oak's Make-ramé™ DIY home décor is a retro art form with modern style. A few simple knots and you get an amazing piece of wall art that will last for years. Create it by yourself to decompress or have a macramé party with some friends.

    This kit includes:
    - Lots of 2mm, off-white cord
    - Natural wood branch for a unique hanging rod
    - Clear instructions that walk you through each knot

    All you need for tools will be scissors and a yardstick or meter stick.

    Time needed to create: 5-7 Hours
    Approx. finished size = 10 in. x 48 in. (25 cm x 120 cm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Sharon Kaiser
Great Rainy Day Project

Overall, I'm very pleased with how this wall hanging turned out. But there are a couple things I got very frustrated with. When the first branch and leaves were explained, things were clear. But for the second and third I think it was insufficient directions to just say "it is the same as the first, just mirrored, BUT start with #12 and not #10 and use base B or base D similar to steps C and D just like step E." Why not just have the cords numbered or spell out the steps better? What does "step G ends in #6" mean? Anyway, I redid the first row a few times until I thought I understood (which soiled my cords a little) and then I largely winged it. I even added a fourth branch since there was so much cord left over. The last two branches are my best, and I may redo it all one day, but for now it looks nice and I am taking a break. Maybe I will just design my own next time. But it looks nice!

It is in our plans to improve the clarity of the instructions. This kit is intended to be more 'organic' and free-form than some of the others, but your comments are welcome. We always want to do better...

Anne Vetter

These kits were gifts for friends and myself. Can’t wait to sit together and create.

Roxann Suppi
Better Instructions Needed

This was my second macrame kit I ordered. Since I easily made the first one, I was disappointed with the directions with this kit. They started out fine but then began to give less direction. It was confusing, and more so when working the middle branch, working backwards. The end result looks ok, but not as good as the pictured sample, nor as nice as the first kit I did. Please improve the directions with more detail.

Marilyn Seward
Macrame leaves

Enjoyed doing this, enjoying finished product.

Catherine Misener

Make-ramé™ Kit - Leaves

Teena Rolston


Beautiful, now all my kids/friends want me to make one for them too

Regarding ease: This was my first macrame project AND I am recovering from a severe concussion. I personally found it a little confusing to switch directions from left to right in wrapping the cord (this was a me problem, not a problem with the instructions), but it ended up being great hand-eye therapy for my brain recovery! I hung it on a garment rack to work on it and used an adjustable sit-stand office chair so I could sometimes work while seated. Some people have said in their reviews that the kits are easy and some have found it difficult. I think this might depend on people's dexterity and experience with handcrafts. I did a lot of needlepoint and machine sewing when I was growing up, plus I have played piano and harp for decades and dabbled in knitting. So even with a brain injury I found it pretty straightforward. But I think there could be more of a learning curve for people who haven't had a lot of experience in maintaining even tension with yarn, embroidery floss, etc.

Creative options: As you can see in the photo, I ordered additional cord and added side panels based on the initial design, and used a piece of wood from our forest. I am getting the flower kit to add two more outer panels.

Note: I think this was a great beginner project because the design is asymmetrical. The inconsistencies in my knots from beginning to end as my skill level increased are less evident. (Look at the central panel and you'll see that the top is more loosely knotted than the bottom.

Breeann Parr

Not a super easy pattern. It was challenging to get the leaves to look right. Turned out alright, just took alot longer than the other patterns.

Erica Svendsen
Great kit!

High quality materials - Fun and easy to create!

The Solid Oak Way

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