Nostalgic Christmas™ Ornament Kit - Ruby Snowflakes

  • Imagine Christmas, but personalized. The Nostalgic Christmas™ collection brings you original tree ornaments that are as beautiful as they are fun to create.

    This DIY kit has all the materials you need to create heirloom quality beaded ornaments that will easily be the highlight of any tree or window. You start with a pre-formed, six-pointed wire armature, and thread on the beads. Finish by simply forming a little loop on each spoke. This kit makes six ornaments, two of each of three different designs, as pictured.

    Each kit includes:
    - Pre-formed wire snowflake forms.
    - Jewelry-quality crystal beads and glass pearls chosen specifically for their shine.
    - Easy to follow, illustrated instructions.

    Embrace a crafty Christmas with our easy to create, hard to forget beaded ornament kits.

    Approx. size of each ornament = 3.5 in. (9 cm) point to point.
    Tools needed = round-nosed pliers, and something for hanging the decorations, such as ribbon, cord, or ornament hangers.
    Approx. time need to create = 10 minutes per ornament.
    Experience needed = It's very easy to thread the beads; some hand strength and proper round-nose pliers needed to make the little loops.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ruby Snowflakes

When I seen the Ruby Snowflakes in the package I thought oh wow! But as I separated the beads it was looking like this will be a fun and easy pattern to do. When I got the beads on the wire, at first it was really hard for me to bend the wire forms to for the loop. I realized that I was using the wrong tool for this kit. Once I changed tools it was looking really pretty and just stunning! It really does matter what tools you use. I love the out come!

Beautiful, Easy to Make

All the parts were included. The instructions were easy to follow. The ornaments are beautiful on my Christmas tree.

Very Happy-Lovely designs

The designs are lovely. Exactly what I wanted. The directions are straight-forward and there weren’t any missing pieces. Making one loop with the memory wire is relatively easy - does take some hand strength and good pliers - cooling it is trickier. I elected to get memory wire snippers (about $10) so that only one loop was necessary. The finished product is so nice it was worth the snippers.

Absolutely Beautiful!

Bought several packages and had to buy more! This was such a fun and fast project to work on and was amazed at the quality and shininess of the beads. It was a delight to finish each of the ornaments and know that special people were going to receive them! Note: A set of long-nose pliers are needed to work with the metal frames. The website picture is an accurate visual of this beautiful product.

Very Pretty!!

I love these little snowflakes. They are so easy to make and so pretty when hanging. One thing though, it is extremely difficult to bend the ends of the forms. Those you do manage to bend look rather ugly. While trying to bend the end on one, the whole "spoke" broke off. Luckily, I had some forms in my supply cabinet. I decided to try something else. In stead of bending the spokes, I put a drop of clear glue (not hot glue) on each spoke, then slipped a clear earring backing on each one. The spokes went all the way through the earring backing, which is fine. Once the glue was dry, I snipped the wire ends off each one. They came out perfect! No bending and being frustrated!! If you look closely at the picture, you can see where I put those earring backs on the spokes. I do that now with all things where it is difficult to bend the wire.

Ruby Snowflakes

These are beautiful ornaments with vivid coloring. Very easy to assemble but the forms are very stiff. I had one spoke break off of a frame.

Oh dear! We will be happy to ail you another wire snowflake if you wish; please just email with the address you would like us to use. The hard wire of the snowflake forms is definitely a two-sided attribute. It is strong in order to hold its shape, but it is also a bit of a challenge to turn the end loops without applying a pressure than might break off a spoke.


Very pretty and easy to do

Beautiful Snowflakes

These ornaments were very easy to put together and the finished product was very nice. The wire frames are a bit hard to bend, and I had a few break (so if The Solid Oak Team could send me 4 or 5 more frames it would be great).

<p>We thank Cynthia for taking the time to review. As always, our policy is to replace broken or defective parts; the fastest way to reach us is the direct email address on the kit instruction sheet: <a target='_blank' href=''></a>. We will send replacement snowflake forms to Cynthia.</p>

Fun and fairly easy craft

Love the finished product. Easy directions. Fun to do.

The Solid Oak Way