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Make-ramé™ Kit - Leaves

Make-ramé™ Kit - Leaves

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  • Freeform branches and leaves are the soft touch for this amazing knotted design. The kit is easier than it looks!

    Solid Oak's Make-ramé™ DIY home decor is a retro art form with modern style. A few simple knots and you get an amazing piece of wall art that will last for years. Create it by yourself to decompress or have a macrame party with some friends.

    This kit includes:
    - Lots of 2mm, off-white cord
    - Wood hanging rod
    - Clear instructions that walk you through each knot
    - Pattern guide for the branches and leaves

    All you need for tools will be scissors and a yardstick or meter stick.

    Time needed to create: 5-7 Hours
    Approx. finished size = 10 in. x 48 in. (25 cm x 120 cm)

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Shipping: Our items are shipped with $8.99 flat rate shipping. Most items ship within one or two business days. Orders over $65 (merchandise total after any discounts) ship free!

Returns: All of our items come with a 30-day hassle-free return policy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews

This was a gift. The recipient loves leaves and this was right up her alley. Though it's not completed yet, what she has done is lovely. I will be ordering more items soon for Christmas gifts.

Lori Sees
My first project

I really enjoyed learning the knots. I had a hard time at first finding someplace to hang it why I worked on it, and I’m not finished yet. Can’t wait it’s looking so beautiful.

Paula V
LEAVES KIT - Beautiful!!

I have not done this kit yet but I have done the palm trees and the dragonfly and they turned out wonderfully!! I can't wait to do this kit. I received it quickly and in good condition. I will post a pic of it once it's completed. I have enjoyed the kits offered by Solid Oak.

Toni McIntyre
Fun and easy

I used to do this stuff years ago and thought I forgot. Like riding a bicycle it all came back. Loved it!

Lisa Browder
Horrid directions

As a knitter, I'm used to detailed instructions that, if followed one step at a time, are easy to decipher. These took me through three leaves (sort of) and then left me on my own. As a beginner, I found them inadequate. Regardless of whether or not they are repetitive, they should go from beginning to end.

Not as easy as I thought

I can't seem to make mine look like leaves. They look like fish. I may have to free form this to make fewer leaves and longer stems. Or if it still looks like fish, I may hang it in the bathroom. lol

This is really hard

This is the hardest one I’ve done and I’ve done about 6 of the kits on here. Its definitely not for beginners. The instructions are very vague and non existent. Its like they assume if you get the first branch you will just “know” how to do the rest. Its pretty but I’m taking off a star for the lousy instructions.

Tangling Yarn; Keep Undoing and Redoing

Honestly, I am struggling to relax and enjoy this kit. I keep having to undo and redo the steps I am following to make leaves and stems, since the instructions are so vague, and the super-long strands of yarn keep tangling on me. The leaves and stems do not look at all like they do in the instructions. I have put this kit aside for now, thinking I may pick it up sometime in the future.

Sharon Kaiser
Great Rainy Day Project

Overall, I'm very pleased with how this wall hanging turned out. But there are a couple things I got very frustrated with. When the first branch and leaves were explained, things were clear. But for the second and third I think it was insufficient directions to just say "it is the same as the first, just mirrored, BUT start with #12 and not #10 and use base B or base D similar to steps C and D just like step E." Why not just have the cords numbered or spell out the steps better? What does "step G ends in #6" mean? Anyway, I redid the first row a few times until I thought I understood (which soiled my cords a little) and then I largely winged it. I even added a fourth branch since there was so much cord left over. The last two branches are my best, and I may redo it all one day, but for now it looks nice and I am taking a break. Maybe I will just design my own next time. But it looks nice!

It is in our plans to improve the clarity of the instructions. This kit is intended to be more 'organic' and free-form than some of the others, but your comments are welcome. We always want to do better...