Beach Totes and Bling - Late Summer DIY Crafts

Beach Totes and Bling - Late Summer DIY Crafts

We hope you have enjoyed your summer! Today we feature two of our favorite DIY craft projects to celebrate the waning days of extra sunlight and maximum fun. Go ahead, have one last adventure before the fall arrives!

Carry Your Beach Items in Style

As the end of August draws near, we’re trying to get in our last few beach days. This fun and easy beach tote will hold a book, towel, sunscreen and anything else you may need on your beach adventures - and it’s perfect for taking poolside, too!

To create our beach tote, you’ll need an untreated 100% cotton tote bag (we found ours at our local craft store). From there, choose one of our Thaneeya iron-on transfers - our “Color Outside the Book” iron-on transfer series includes everything from mandalas to animals and even mantras. This “Enjoy this Moment” fits our end-of-summer theme, don’t you think?

Next, simply follow the excellent directions to iron the transfer onto your bag. Then, using fabric markers purchased from your local craft store, add some color to make your tote more fun!


We have a great video tutorial if you’re looking more more details on our Thaneeya “Color Outside the Book” iron-on series.

If you’re looking for more color inspiration, check out the website of artist who creates the Thaneeya line, Thaneeya McArdle.

You can also personalize your beach tote with our 1-Minute Bag Charms tutorial.

Add A Little Bling

Creating Shambala bracelets with some of our newest charms is another fun late-summer craft. We’re particularly enchanted with the new ladybug charm in our lineup; featuring sparkly crystals, the ladybug makes a beautiful Shambala bracelet. You’ll need 1 pack of black Shambala cord and four 6mm hematite beads to complete this project. With just a few minutes at home you’ll have a bit of sparkle to celebrate the end of summer. And summer isn’t over ‘til it’s over!

We can’t wait to see what you’re creating in the last days of summer. Please share your projects with us on our Facebook page or on Instagram using the hashtag #solidoaksummer.

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