Easy DIY Project: 1-Minute Bag Charms

Easy DIY Project: 1-Minute Bag Charms

Got a minute?

That's all it takes to make a great bag charm that is uniquely yours, with Solid Oak! If you can open and close a jump ring, you can make a great bag charm to make your bag stand out in a crowd. With a few simple supplies, and some creativity we’ll show you how to create your own bling for your bag.

In the photo above, we made a turtle bag charm in less than a minute using a Thaneeya Turtle. All of our Thaneeya charms (and we have quite a few!) come with a lobster claw already attached and the charms themselves are super durable and double-sided, meaning you get to see your charm no matter which way it’s facing. Since the lobster claws on the Thaneeya charms are too small to attach to the big rings on our purse straps, we clipped our Thaneeya Turtle to one of our Brianna hand-dyed silk ribbons in the Springtime colorway to add some pizzazz to our summer bag.

Here’s another option for creating your own bag charm in 60 seconds: first, find a key ring or a large lobster clasp (if you don’t have any in your stash, check out our Thaneeya Key Ring here). Then hop over to our online store to browse our selection of unique charms you can use to create unique combinations to complement any style!

Not sure where to start? Take a look at our Steampunk section for distinctive choices such as a giant wing, peacock, diving helmet or even a wolf pendant. Whatever your tastes or moods, we’re sure we have something to fit the bill. All of these charms can be quickly and easily attached to your key ring or large lobster clasp using jump rings or split rings - then you’re ready to go!

We also have some great focal pendants that can be converted into bag charms just as easily! Check out our Brianna, Estrella and Steampunk collections for some of these wonderful charms like the crystal ball and tassel, or ginkgo leaf below. Clip them onto your favorite purse or bag to make a bold statement that is sure to get compliments!

If you have a crafty stash of items at home, you can attempt a charm that’s a bit more complicated. We created this bag charm using the Thaneeya Crescent Moon pendant and a brass key ring with a clip. Then, we scavenged our stash of chain bits, beads, and different sizes of jump rings to make a fancier bag charm. We found a Steampunk Prayer Box charm and a Shambala bead to add in!


We hope this post inspires you to make some exceptional bag charms to add some bling (and personality) to your bag in not time at all!

We can’t wait to see what you create! Tag us in your photos using the hashtag #solidoakinc and follow us on Instagram @solidoakinc to see more of our crafty projects and products.

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