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Nostalgic Christmas™ Ornament Kit - Silvery Angels

  • Imagine Christmas, but personalized. The Nostalgic Christmas™ collection brings you original tree ornaments that are as beautiful as they are fun to create.

    This DIY kit has all the materials you need to create heirloom quality beaded ornaments that will easily be the highlight of any tree or window. This kit makes three angel ornaments, as pictured.

    Each kit includes:
    - Jewelry-quality crystal beads and glass pearls chosen specifically for their shine.
    - Antiqued, silvery metal angel wings and spacers.
    - Gleaming curved silvery tube beads.
    - Rhinestone spacer "halos".
    - Easy to follow, illustrated instructions.

    Embrace a crafty Christmas with our easy to create, hard to forget beaded ornament kits.

    Approx. size of each ornament = 2.5 in. (6 cm) top to bottom
    Tools needed = Ruler, wire cutters, round-nosed pliers, chain-nose pliers.
    Approx. time need to create = 30 minutes per ornament.
    Experience needed = Not difficult, but take a little longer than some other kits. If the person does not work neatly with the wires, s/he may have some trouble threading all the wires through the spacers and pearl head beads.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Karla Unger

these look great on trees and wreaths!

Leta Pinkerton

I have bought many ornaments from here. This one looks more complicated then the others I have made. Can’t wait to make these ones! They are adorable. I would recommend these! Solid oak is a great company!

MaryLou White
Beautiful Angels!

I made one of the little angels a few weeks ago but I wasn't really happy about the way the skirt looked with all those little beads at the waist line. Decided to finish the other two today and I just love them. They are easy to make although I did break one of the wires and had to re-make a skirt part. To fix the area around the skirt, I added a large gold bead endcap. That made a very nice difference because the little gold beads were no longer visible. The bead cap covered them very nicely. I also had a problem on my first one getting all those pieces of wire through the top pieces and I didn't like how thick it made the top loop. On my third one, I left 4 wires down for the arms instead of two. That made the top look much nicer and the top pieces were much easier to put on. Since I left two wires for each arm, I took one from each side and twisted them together at the back, then used the other for arms as per instructions..I ould like to make more of them now that I have it down to a science! :)

Emily Hayes

very pretty, haven't had a chance to make them up yet but hope to make them soon

Nolana D
So pretty!

Beautiful angels to adorn any tree.

Rosalie Thomas
Angels for Acoloytes

These angels are easy to make and beautiful when completed. I give angels to my acoloytes at church each year for Christmas and these are by far the prettiest and easiest to make that I have done.

Janis Carper
Silvery Angels

I love angels and this would be a nice ornament to add to any collection. Easy to read instructions and a very great price.

Heidi Jo Fisher
Beautiful ornaments!

These angels are even prettier in person! At first glance, they looked overwhelming. They're not! Very easy to read instructions and easy to make.

Nostalgic Christmas™ Ornament Kit - Silvery Angels

I love these beautiful, sparkly little angels! Easy to make, but requires a lot of stringing of beads making it a satisfying craft, and the end result is delightful. The only trouble I had was with threading the 6 wires through the angels collar and bead head - could not get all 6 through those small holes, ended up trimming 1-2 wires off and tucking the ends into the collar. Other than that, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The Solid Oak Way