What's Your Favorite Color? A Rainbow of Charms And Pendants

What's Your Favorite Color? A Rainbow of Charms And Pendants

When it comes to jewelry, there tend to be staple colors. Of course, you have silver and gold, black and white, rose gold, and the occasional pop of color if you can find it. For people who love to be bright and colorful (like the Solid Oak Inc. team!), you may find that store-bought options are either not up to your vibrancy standards, or are so over-the-top gaudy they just look cheap. Of course, some may find any colorful jewelry to be too costume-y or informal. How can you rectify the problem? DIY jewelry! With the Solid Oak Inc. collections, you can easily create jewelry sets featuring any color of the rainbow as loudly or as subtly as you desire. Let's take a look at just a small sample of our rainbow of charms, pendants, and beads!

Are you a fan of red? If red is your favorite color, you are probably very confident and love to get things done! Red is iconic in the fashion world, representing class and elegance for centuries. Red lips, red nails, red gowns, red carpets; red represents all things glam! If you're looking to create some red DIY jewelry, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. In our Shambala Collection, we have the simple but elegant Ruby Rhinestone bead. You can pair it with our red cord or stick to silver or black. This simple bead is perfect for more formal and understated pieces and adds some sparkle to any look. In the Steampunk Collection, you can show off your more avant-garde and eclectic jewelry taste with the Claw With Ball pendant. We guarantee you won't find anything like this in stores, so you'll stand out in any crowd! For an everyday, whimsical look, head over to Thaneeya. Many of the charms in this collection are red-based, so look through them all to find one that speaks to you. The Red Panda is one of our favorites because it is absolutely adorable! Thaneeya charms are perfect for bracelets, necklaces, zipper pulls, keychains, and more!

orange charms

If you love orange, you likely have a fun and outgoing personality and you aren't afraid to be spontaneous. You can find orange hues in Shambala, Brianna, and Steampunk, but Thaneeya has the widest selection. As we mentioned, reds are featured prominently in this collection, as are oranges. Thaneeya charms are largely warm colors, so you have a lot to choose from that feature orange. Thaneeya has a lot of animal and nature-themed charms, including the Fox Charm and the Hipster Leopard. Definitely take a look at the collection as a whole because there are far too many examples of orange for us to list them out! https://bsyl.ink/thaneeya

yellow charms

Yellow lovers are friendly and cheery. Yellow is synonymous with happiness, and anyone who loves yellow is often the color personified. Creating some DIY jewelry featuring yellow is a great way to bring a little sunshine with you wherever you go. Of course, anything gold can technically fall under this category, but Solid Oak Inc. also offers some genuinely yellow charms and pendants. Once again, we want to feature Thaneeya, our most colorful collection. The Mushroom House charm is cute, quirky, and bright. From the Brianna Collection, you can find multiple hand-dyed ribbons that are great for yellow lovers including Silver and Gold, and Caribbean Sunrise. For an edgier look, head over to Steampunk and take a look at some of our tarot card pendants. Most are yellow-based so you can express your love for the shade and find the card that best represents you. For example, check out the Tarot Card Strength.

green charms

Green can represent many things. If green is your favorite color, you may love nature. You're also probably innovative and a critical thinker, but you love to unleash your creativity as well. You're probably level-headed and calm in difficult situations, and you always feel grounded. You can put your favorite color on display in DIY jewelry from most of our collections! As expected by now, we have plenty of green-based Thaneeya charms! We love the Tree of Life in particular, but they're all incredible. From Steampunk, you can use the Dragon Eye/Octopus Pendant to create a one-of-a-kind piece that none of your friends will have. There are also ribbon options in the Brianna Collection as well as many more beads, charms, and pendants throughout our inventory. 

blue charms

Those who say their favorite color is blue are often reliable, trustworthy, imaginative, and empathetic of others. Blue is very common in daily life, but that doesn't mean your blue DIY jewelry has to be! For a more informal piece, check out the Crescent pendant from Thaneeya. The Shambala Collection has quite a few blue options, but the Evil Eye is always a hit. Steampunk gets in on the fun with Cobalt Blue Bottle charms that are perfect for creating a truly unique piece. The Brianna Collection is home to blue ribbons, and Estrella has rhinestone chains in different shades of blue. Whether you like navy, royal blue, or turquoise, Solid Oak Inc. has something for you!

purple charms

Last but certainly not least, let's talk about purples and pinks! Purple and pink are both heavily linked to feeling strong emotions and empathy. Lighter shades are seen as delicate and feminine, but darker shades represent luxury, regality, and fun! Anyone can look great in these colors! In Estrella, you can find our Pink Crystal Chain for a night-on-the-town look. For DIY jewelry that can go from day to night, check out Shambala's Amethyst Rhinestone Bead. We absolutely adore this tube bead because it features an ombre from deep amethyst purple to shiny clear crystal. It pairs well with black, purple, or white outfits, making it extremely versatile. Finally, since Thaneeya is on a roll in this blog, we had to include a charm from the collection in this last color category as well! The Dragonfly Lotus has a great mix of pinks and purples, along with blues and yellows. You can also find purples and pinks in Steampunk and Brianna, so be sure to browse through those collections as well!

Thaneeya Collection

Solid Oak Inc. is proud to have products for all ranges of the color wheel. No matter what your favorite color is, Solid Oak has a piece for you! If you've never made your own DIY jewelry before, we have some easy-to-follow kits. You can also find inspiration online on Instagram, Pinterest, or on jewelry-making/crafting blogs. We love to see what our customers create, so feel free to tag us in photos! We may even feature your jewelry in a post or blog! Find us on Instagram @solidoakinc, Pinterest @solidoak_inc, or Facebook @SolidOakInc. Happy crafting!

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