Bottles and Vials and Charms: Steampunk Craft Ideas

Bottles and Vials and Charms - Steampunk craft ideas

If jewelry making isn't for you, we have some great news! Solid Oak's Steampunk charms and pendants can be used in plenty of other creative ways! Our customers are so creative and never cease to amaze us with their creativity. Here's just a few ways you can use the Steampunk Collection in DIY crafts, projects, and outfits!

Create One-Of-A-Kind Picture Frames and Shadowboxes

One fun way you can use our Steampunk charms and pendants outside of jewelry making is to incorporate them into picture frames or shadowboxes! Steampunk has a nice mix of everything, so you can find charms that tell a story. If you have a photo of your family's day at the beach, dress up the frame with charms like the Sea Life set, our Turtle charms, or even some mini bottles filled with sand! Add real shells from your beach combing. Want to give your friend the best gift ever? Find some charms and pendants that point to your favorite things about them, inside jokes the two of you have, or symbols that have always been important to you. Many of our charms and pendants can be glued to any flat surface. You can keep them the color they are, or paint the finished frame all one color! Many of the Steampunk charms and pendants are copper, bronze, dusty gold, or tarnished silver. Find a few sets in the same color family and you'll only have to paint the frame. If you're making a shadowbox, you can use charms on the frameorinside with whatever else you want to display. Get creative and find charms that speak to you. Goodbye boring frames and hello DIY masterpieces!

Picture frame with steampunk charms and vase with steampunk decorations

Turn a Discarded Bottle into a Vase

A couple of Steampunk charms and bottles can be simply tied to some twine, and wrapped on the neck of a simple bottle. Suddenly, there is a decorative vase where there might have just been some glass for the recycling bin.


Make A Set Of Wine Charms For Your Next Party

Steampunk charms and pendants also make fantastic wine charms! If you host parties often, you should have a reliable set of wine charms. Wine WHAT? If this is a new term to you, they're small charms that each guest can put around the stem of her or his wine glass. Everyone's charm is different, so it's easy to identify drinks! Wine charms are practical and fun, and they can even enhance the theme of your party! Many of our Steampunk charms come with similar but not identical pieces. The resulting wine charms will be cohesive but will be easily identified. If you fall in love with some charms that do have duplicates or are identical, simply surround them on either side with different-colored beads! All you need is some thin craft wire, your charms of choice, and any other embellishments you want to add. Guests will think they're so great they may ask you to make a set for their own parties! (Ooh! What a clever gift idea...) Some charm sets to consider include:

  • Keys
  • Gears
  • Flowers and Bees
  • Skulls (Great for Halloween parties)
  • Mini Bottles (fill them or paint them with different colors!)


DIY charm wine keys

Good Things Come In Small Packages!

If you're looking to get into DIY crafts but you're not confident in your skills yet, there are some small craft ideas that require little more than a charm and hot glue. Everyone loves magnets and they're so easy to make! Our charms and pendants come in many shapes and sizes, so you can make magnets for all occasions! Is someone you know headed to high school? Make them some magnets for their locker! Do you know someone who uses a magnetic whiteboard to keep their life in order? Magnets! Other small craft ideas that can be created include paperclips, pins, and buttons on jackets. Customers have used our Steampunk charms to create simple but delightfully unusual paperclip bookmarks. Just glue or wire or tie the charm onto the closed end of a large paper clip and you're good to go! Use charms when making pins that can be put on clothes, backpacks, lanyards, and more! If you're looking to upcycle your tired jean jacket, give it a new life by adding charms to the buttons! We don't recommend putting charms on buttons you use, so try to stick to decorative pocket buttons. 


Take Your Cosplay To The Next Level

Lastly, you can create someincredible cosplay looks with the help of the Solid Oak Steampunk Collection! Mix and match charm sets to tell the story of your favorite character. Add some charms on your hand-made costume to add to the effect. Create cuff links, chokers, brooches, and more for time-period accuracy. The best cosplays pay attention to the smallest details. Steampunk charms and pendants can help you add the finishing touches your costume needs. We've seen customers use our charms to create an Ursula-inspired necklace, out-of-this-world Halloween costumes, character pieces, and more! The options are limitless! Take a look at our other collections to see if there are other products that will complete your look!


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Have you tried making any of the DIY projects we've talked about here? Creating something unique is much simpler than it seems, we promise! No DIY is a bad DIY. Be creative, be original, and have fun! The Solid Oak Inc. team loves to see what our customers come up with. Be sure to tag us in photos @solidoakinc. Happy crafting!