Unconventional Ways to Use Our Charms and Pendants!

Unconventional Ways to Use Our Charms and Pendants!

When most people think of charms and pendants they think of jewelry, especially necklaces and bracelets. Why stop there? You can show off your favorite pendant in many different ways that aren’t exactly traditional. Let your creativity flow and see how many ways you can use charms in upcoming projects and decorations. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are five of our favorite ideas!


Are you as much or more of a fan of books than you are of jewelry? This first project is perfect for you! Using our charms and pendants, you can create some beautiful bookmarks that all of your friends will love. All you need to create bookmarks besides Solid Oak Inc.'s pendants and charms is our silk ribbon - and some beads if you’d like. Solid Oak's silk ribbons are ideal; pre-finished with tapered ends, they are long enough for any book. String on a charm or pendant, and secure with knots or a few stitches. You can choose to use only one pendant/charm, or put one on each end. We love the look of a smaller charm on one end and a bigger pendant on the other. This helps keep the bookmark in place and prevents it from bunching up inside the pages. If you’d like to add some beads, feel free! Luckily for you, Solid Oak Inc. can be your one-stop-shop for this project thanks to the hand-dyed ribbon from ourBrianna collection! Want to bookmark more than one page? Attach more than one silk ribbon to a charm. You can also use some of our small-link chains or find a metal bookmark hook to attach your pendants! Your bookmarks will be so pretty and unusual that people will start asking you to make them some!

Bokmark made with Brianna silk ribbons and four seasons charm

Hair Bows and Accessories

Another unconventional way to use our charms and pendants is to turn them into hair accessories! Our products make adorable focal pieces for hair bows, or you can attach pendants to bobby pins, hair clips, or elastic bands. You can find pendants to create themed hair accessories including Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, and more! Many pendants from our Steampunk Collection are perfect for Cosplayers as well! All you need is some thin wire, decorative braided cord, or some ribbon and you can attach your favorite pendant to your favorite hair accessory! The colorfulThaneeya charms look fantastic on bows and headbands for little ones as well as the young at heart, and the elegant crystals of Estrella are perfect for a formal night look. Get creative and dress up your hair!

Barrette madewith Solid Oak Estrella linked crystals, wired onto a plain hairclip


Pendants and charms also make fantastic decorations in scrapbooks! Add some fun and flair to your pages of memories with some Solid Oak Inc. products. We know what you’re thinking: “pendants and charms are too heavy for a scrapbook.” Fear not! We have plenty of smaller options and low-profile pendant designs available that will help spruce up your scrapbook. Remembering the fun times from Halloween?Steampunk has charms for that. Have a great family trip to the beach? There are charms for that too! Check out our blog dedicated to Scrapbooking for more great ideas!

Using Solid Oak's jewelry charms in scrapboking


Fun and Fancy Zipper Pulls

The usual, plain tab that works as the zipper pull for most hoodies, jackets, and backpacks is functional, if a tad plain. However, most of these tabs do have a hole. Why not link on a charm or pendant to ramp up the personality? Thaneeya clip-on charms attach easily, and can be swapped out on a whim. Or, a length of Shambala cord can be tied on, and a cluster of beads and charms attached using a few simple macrame knots.

DIY Gift Tags and Cards

Finally, you can use charms and pendants to make personalized gift tags and cards. This is a great idea for things like baby showers because it’s a nice extra touch. If you’re getting married, consider adding some charms to the tags of your guest favors. If you use an adhesive like Rubber Cement your guests can easily peel the charm off and use it in their own projects! We also love the idea of adding charms to cards because it isn’t something you normally see. Again, you can find adhesives that will hold the charm in place while also allowing the recipient to remove it with ease. You could even make it a tradition - pass around the charm every time you send cards back and forth! This project is fantastic for those who may not consider themselves very crafty. With a pendant from Solid Oak Inc. and some glue, you can easily spruce up your cards and gifts. 


Have you ever used charms or pendants in unusual ways like these?? They’re all a lot of fun - and not difficult to create. There are so many other unconventional uses as well, but we’d be here all day if we tried to talk about them all! To make a long story short, don’t limit your creativity to jewelry. Our pendants and charms may traditionally be featured on bracelets and necklaces, but there are so many ways to use them in crafting and life. Check out all of our products atwww.solidoakinc.com