Top Upcoming 2020 Jewelry Trends

Top Upcoming 2020 Jewelry Trends

The world of fashion and jewelry is constantly changing and evolving. It can be hard to keep up with the trends if you aren’t prepared for them. The team at Solid Oak Inc. has compiled some predictions from experts so that you can plan your 2020 jewelry making accordingly. Let’s take a look!

See-Through Jewelry

One of the trends people are chatting about is see-through jewelry. Translucent necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are predicted to be popular this year. We’ve seen high-fashion trends with see-through skirts, pants, coats, purses, fanny packs…..It was only a matter of time before the trend made its way to jewelry! If you want to stay on top of this trend, we have some great pieces for you. In our Estrella collection, we have the Floating Cube Charms with gorgeous crystals inside. In our Steampunk collection, we have plenty of options! From miniature bottle charms to vials and magnifying glasses, we have transparent pendants and charms perfect for this trend! You can create some beautiful pieces of jewelry with our transparent pendants, so order your favorites today!


Chunkier Chains

Another trend the fashion experts are predicting is a shift to chunkier chains for necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings. Avid jewelry wearers are moving away from dainty chains in 2020 and refocusing to really embracing the simple beauty of chain links. There’s also been a bit of a shift to antique finishes and darker colors. Luckily for you, you can find chains that check off both of those boxes in our Steampunk collection! We also have chains that aren’t super heavy but that are more visible than the classic necklace. You can find these chains in bronze, gold, and other antique-esque finishes. These chains pair perfectly with our other on-trend pendants and charms so you can create your own fashion-forward accessories!

More Ornate Designs

The experts anticipate a growing favor for more ornate designs this year. For the last several years, simplicity has been all the rage for jewelry. There’s talk that more regal and ornate styles will return to the limelight in 2020 with a focus on gold, stones, intricate designs, and pieces that resemble something you might see in a king’s court. Gone are the days of minimalistic jewelry as regal designs try to make a grand comeback. Want to get in on the trend? Solid Oak Inc. has a wide selection of charms and pendants that will work spectacularly. If you want some truly vintage-looking pendants and charms, head over to our Steampunk collection. We have products in this line that truly embody this trend. Our Es-Scent-ials collection includes ornate aromatherapy pendants with intricate designs in gleaming, silver-toned metal. Though they are silver rather than gold, our Es-Scent-ials pieces are fit for royalty without a doubt.


Bright Colors

The last upcoming trend that we’d like to discuss is bright colors. In 2020, experts believe that brightly-colored jewelry will be flying off the shelves! Why? Because color is cheery and fun and we all need a bit more cheer in our lives. Don’t be surprised if you see some fluorescent earrings, bright necklaces, and colorful bracelets. If you’re looking for some jewelry to fit this trend, look no further than our Theneeya collection. We created this line to bring some color back to the industry, and our time is finally here! Our adorable Theneeya charms are bright, bold, and beautiful. You don’t even need to be a skilled jewelry maker to enjoy this collection - all you need is one of our charm bracelets or necklaces and the charms of your choice. If charms aren’t your style, turn your attention to our Brianna collection where you can find brilliantly colored, hand-dyed silk ribbons along with beaded wrap bracelet kits! This line is comfortable to wear but packs just as much punch as Thaneeya products in terms of color. 

Keep in mind that the trends we’ve gone through are only predicted trends. While the experts in the field may well hit the nail on the head with their forecasts, there is always a chance for surprises in fashion. Remember that personal expression is exactly that; personal. If you like a trend we’ve mentioned then by all means craft away! Make the bracelet of your dreams or a necklace that makes a bold statement. Let your creative juices flow and you’ll never make a bad piece of jewelry. If you have photos of your beautiful creations, especially ones with our products, make sure to tag and follow us @solidoakinc and use #solidoakinc, and we might even share it! 

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