Top 2019 Jewelry Trends and How to DIY

Top 2019 Jewelry Trends and How to DIY

When it comes to jewelry, we know our stuff. We love what we do, and at Solid Oak Inc., we custom design or hand-pick all of the items that we sell. So when we do that, we think of the jewelry trends happening each season and try to cater to those to give everyone stunning pieces. So we’ve compiled a list of 2019 jewelry trends just for you and how to make your own style fitting these trends!


Gold, gold, gold. Always timeless and beautiful, but not always trending! But this year is a different story. In all of the other trends, you’ll most likely find a tinge or an allover color of gold within the pieces. Whether it’s gold-plated, lined with gold, or has little chunks placed in between the charms or loops, gold is here and might be here to stay!

Gold is bright and stands out in a crowd. Why not be able to say that you created what you’re wearing? Sparkling crystals are always a plus, and when they are set with golden finish chains, settings, and beads? Even better. 

Our collection Shambala is a great way to add gold in your DIY jewelry styles. Create something that truly shines with Shambala products from Solid Oak. Kits, beads, and charms cover a wide spectrum of styles, from edgy spikes and skulls to sparkling words, shapes, and meaningful symbols - some accented in silvery finishes, and others with gold. We recommend our Shambala Rhinestone Bead in a Light Gold color or even this beautiful Shambala Rhinestone Charm - Large Skull in Gold color. 


Pearls were a great trend in the summer, but of course, their classic glow can fit any season. Pearls, the vintage style that was all the rage in the 1920s, made a comeback this year - but used in a more modern way while representing that beach feel. Pearl beads are used in all sorts of jewelry and accessories - necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and sewn onto garments, hats, scarves, and bags!

For whatever accessory you wish to have, you can make your own to fit what you like! We have a Pearlized Bead with Tassel Pendant, which is an opulent, large bead in a soft pearly white, with a chain tassel swinging below. This makes for an eye-catching pendant necklace; just attach it to a silvery necklace chain.

Layered Bracelets

What’s better than a bracelet? More than one bracelet, of course! Layered bracelets are an essential trend we can get behind. Layers upon layers are perfect for creative mix-and-matching. It's just as much fun, and just as trend-setting, to use several of the same bracelet style layered together.

Our collection of Brianna™ charms are designed for easy stringing on cords, the hand-dyed silk ribbons, and many jewelry chain styles. Simplicity and subtlety are the hallmarks of the metal medallion charms with their hand-rubbed, embossed inserts.

Why not consider our Beaded Wrap Bracelet Kit - Golden Tiger, with its leather cord, crystal and genuine tiger eye semiprecious beads, and great instructions, to start? This all-inclusive DIY kit will help you embrace your creativity, and teach you a laddering technique for beaded wrap bracelets that rival those seen from fashion companies like Chan Luu. Things are better when YOU make them!

If you have photos of your beautiful creations, especially ones with our products, make sure to tag and follow us @solidoakinc and use #solidoakinc, and we might even share it! 

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