There's Something For Everyone In Our Steampunk Collection!

There's Something For Everyone In Our Steampunk Collection!

Steampunk has developed a very loyal following since it first became mainstream back in the early 2000s. Originally, Steampunk was a genre of books but it quickly became a way of life for many. The allure of Steampunk comes from its seamless blend of historic industrial design and new styles and technologies. The Solid Oak Inc. team fell in love with Steampunk and we knew that we had to make it a collection. One of the best things about Steampunk is its versatility and range. There's a softer type of Steampunk that focuses on nature, animals, and other pretty Victorian items. On the other end of the Steampunk spectrum are coffins, skeletons, deep-sea creatures, dark-tarnished gears, old-style keys, miniature potion bottles and vials, and other macabre charms. Because of the expansive range options, there's something for everyone in the Solid Oak Inc. Steampunk Collection!


Steampunk pendants and charms

Dainty Steampunk

First, let's talk about our "dainty" Steampunk charms. This grouping is for the more whimsical Steampunk lovers who aren't really into the darker side of the genre. The charms that would fall into this category are the dainty silver options, small charms like our fairies, and more elegant Victorian-style charms and pendants. The charms we believe fit into this group are not Steampunk-specific and many are great for jewelry even if you've never heard of Steampunk before! The dainty Steampunk charms are small and modeled after equally dainty items and creatures. These charms make great everyday jewelry that is appropriate all year and is suitable for any function. Some charms that we feel fit into this category are:

Fairies Feathers

Flowers Tree Branch

Hearts Bird Charms

Keys Butterflies

The Large Vial The Hand Mirror


Steampunk pendants and charms

Animal Steampunk

Our next category to discuss is animals! Steampunk loves nature and wild animals, so we happily included charms and pendants that fit the bill. This section of our Steampunk Collection is still very welcoming and can be used in a variety of pieces. Some of these charms could fit into the dainty subgroup, but we have so many animal charms that we felt they deserved their own shoutout. There's never a bad time to sport animal charms, so jewelry crafted with these products are perfect for everyday wear. You'll notice that we offer several owl charms. Birds are popular in the Steampunk community, particularly the owl which represents wisdom. We also offer several sea creature charms and sets that we also think fall into this category! Some options include:

Sea Life Charms Bat Pendant

Peacock Pendant Octopus Pendant

Sea Turtles Elephant 

Stag Head Pendant Bird With Movable Wings

Snakes Owl Charms


Steampunk pendants and charms

Industrial Steampunk

Next up is the more industrial side of our Steampunk Collection. This category includes gears, gizmos, and gadgets galore! This category starts to get into the true spirit of traditional Steampunk. You have clocks, gears, fantasy weapons, tools, and more all turned into stylish charms and pendants for you to rock. Many of the charms in this category have the bronzed finish or a tarnished silver look to add to the Steampunk feel. We love these charms a lot because they're an excellent bridge between the previous two categories and the two edgier categories we'll discuss next. That means that you can dress the industrial Steampunk charms up or down to fit your style! Here are a few of the charms that fit into this category nicely:

Sewing Charms Watch Case

Watch Pendant Clock Charms

Gears Ray Gun

Compass Rose Hourglass

Carpenter Tools Scissors

Light Bulb Magnetic Compass


Steampunk pendant and charms

Fantasy Steampunk

Next on our list is a collection of fantasy charms and pendants. This category of products is for the more die-hard Steampunk fans who aren't afraid to show off their love for the genre. These charms and pendants still make excellent jewelry to wear every day, but they can also make some incredible cosplay or costume pieces. Our fantasy creature charms are absolutely gorgeous and some of them are very bright and colorful compared to the rest of the collection! If you love dragons, mythical creatures, and symbolic images, this is the category for you! Take a look at a few of the charms we're talking about!

Dragon Eye Charms - Bright Winged Kraken

Claw With Ball Dragon Eye Charms - Earth Owl Eyes Sea Serpent

Dragon Eye With Wings Mermaid

Dolphin With Armor Porthole With Tentacle Locket


Steampunk pendant and charms

Macabre Steampunk

Last but not least, we have the darker side of the Steampunk Collection from Solid Oak Inc. This category includes the dark, creepy, and scary charms and pendants. We've had customers who wear the pieces they create on a daily basis, but we've had a huge number of people create Halloween jewelry and cosplay pieces. This is true Steampunk at its darkest level, and we must admit, we love it. It's certainly not for everyone, but our pendants and charms are so cool you might change your mind and give it a shot. Just look at these!

Torso Cameo Skull Beads

Coffin Surprise Spider Charms

Skull Illusion Snake-Wrapped Bottle

Dangling Skeleton Gargoyle Frame

Tarot Cards Victorian Black Bat

Raven on Skull Brain Locket

Ouija Board Skull Bottle

Feeling inspired? We told you we had something for everyone, and this is just our Steampunk Collection! Solid Oak Inc. is proud to serve so many jewelry makers and crafters. We are always striving to offer products that serve a wide array of customers. Check out the full Steampunk Collection or explore our entire site for more jewelry-making charms, pendants, kits, and beads. Happy Crafting!
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