The History Behind Macramé

The History Behind Macramé

Macramé, the hottest trend that everyone is talking about... but when and where did it all begin? It’s not as new as you might think! Macramé has been around for hundreds upon hundreds of years well,at leastin the form ofthe art ofdecorativeknot-tying. It’s been found through multiple cultures across different countries and times,and dates back to at least the third century. 

The Origins 

It’s believed that “13th-century Arabic weaving inspired the decoration we know today, while others trace the art back to third-century China,” according toTimeline. Once the Europeans began to set sail, they started to create knots that were essential to themaritimetrade during the 17-1800s, popularizing the different knot ties. Still, they did this without attributing this to any particular source, and knots “...were considered ’common property,’ and grew into a worldly folk tradition.”  The English sailors, of course, were not the only ones to introduce this style to the world, asHunkerexplains, 

“The Moors introduced the Arabic knot-tying technique to Spain, which they occupied up until the 15th century, and it eventually made its way to France and Italy. In the 17th century, Queen Mary II of England taught her ladies-in-waiting how to macramé; nearly 200 years later, during the reign of Queen Victoria...the art form was all the rage.” 

The Macramé style fell silent over the next couple hundreds of years, but became all the rage again in the 1970s. The bohemian, vintage era was perfect for this style to come back, and in this time, “just about everything you could imagine could be and was made from macramé,” because who doesn’t love knots shaped in unique designs to fit your favorite things and beautiful decor? 

After falling silent once again for some 30-40 years, Macramé is back again! Over the past couple of years, the hobby has found itself all over social media, including Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and Etsy, of course. AsHunker​writes, this style has come back because “Modern bohemianism not only encompasses fashion and home decor, but an entire lifestyle focused on personal growth,spiritual development, and the importance, particularly for women, of practicing ‘self-care.’” Creative expression, the satisfaction of making things, and the fun of sharing one's creations all contribute meaningfully to this modern ethos.

Solid Oak Macrame Mini Plant Hangers

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