Spotlight on Steampunk:  Charms & Pendants for Movie Lovers

Spotlight on Steampunk: Charms & Pendants for Movie Lovers

Countless motion pictures have been released over the decades since moving images were made available. Some of them have become iconic and very well-loved. For instance, Disney has taken the world by storm with their animated films, and several book series have been adapted to hugely successful film franchises. Which movie is your favorite? For many, love of a particular film runs very deep for one reason or another. If you are one of these film buffs, or know someone who is, Solid Oak Inc. has all of the fixings for creating some incredible movie-inspired jewelry. Our Steampunk Collection is teeming with charms that will remind the wearer of a favorite motion picture! 

Beauty and the Beast

This “tale as old as time” is certainly worthy of a piece of handcrafted jewelry! The Steampunk Collection has many charms relevant to the plot of this much-loved Disney film. First up, we have the Hand Mirror Pendant. This adorable mirror pendant represents the mirror that Belle uses to magically see her father and the Beast at multiple points in the movie. Another excellent pendant for celebrating Beauty and the Beast is the Book Locket. We all know that Belle is a bookworm. This tiny book pops open to reveal your chosen contents, whether a tiny poem, piece of art, favorite gem, or other special token. The Tea Time Charms can also make an appearance in your work to represent good old Mrs. Potts and Chip. Finally, can it be a Beauty and the Beast-inspired project without the iconic rose? Pick up a Flower And Bee Charm set to get the final pieces you need to create your first piece of movie-inspired jewelry.

The Little Mermaid

Sticking with the Disney theme, let’s create some jewelry inspired by The Little Mermaid. There are a few options to celebrate this great movie. You can create a piece to represent Ariel, or you can take some inspiration from one of our customers to re-create Ursula’s iconic necklace! Here are our suggestions for achieving both options!

Ariel and Friends

First and foremost, you have to include the mermaid charms! Seeing the title is The Little Mermaid, how could you not, right? But there is more to Ariel than her tail. Get your own set of dinglehoppers and other thingamabobs with the Knives, Forks, and Spoons charms! Add to Ariel’s collection with the Diving Helmet Charm as well as some of our miniature bottles! We imagine that other items made their way to Ariel’s secret treasure trove, so charms like keys could work as well!


 Every great Disney movie has a great Disney villain. Ursula is one of the most popular of the company which is quite a title to have. Want to re-create Ursula’s necklace but make it even more intricate and fun? Get your hands on several packs of our sea life charms and you’re off to a great start! The octopus charms can bring a bit more whimsy to the project and represent Ursula herself. One of our favorite lockets, the Porthole With Tentacle Locket, is very on-theme for this film! If you want to pay homage to how Ursula captured Ariel’s voice, Solid Oak has some large vial pendants that can be filled with whatever you’d like!

The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins outdid herself with the Hunger Games Trilogy. The books and subsequent movies exploded in popularity, and continue to be favorites among teenagers and young adults. Everyone can use the strength and courage of Katniss Everdeen, so why not wear reminders as jewelry?! The first charm set we recommend is the Arrows Charm Set! Katniss is nothing without her bow and arrows after all. Next, we want to find a charm to represent the all-important Mockingjay. While we don’t have the Mockingjay Pin, we do have an awesome Bird Charm with Hinged Wings. If you prefer smaller charms, an alternative is the Bird Charm set that we offer. As we have already mentioned, Katniss is remembered and loved for her bravery and strength. What better representation than the Strength Tarot Card Pendant? It can serve as a constant reminder to be strong in your daily lives, no matter what challenge is thrown at you. To finish your project, grab some heart charms to represent Katniss’s love for her sister, Peeta, and Gale. Faster than you can say “May the odds be ever in your favor,” you have a gorgeous piece of movie-inspired jewelry. 


Solid Oak Inc. customers amaze us constantly with their creativity. We’ve had customers make movie-inspired jewelry before, including an incredible Ursula necklace! Our Steampunk Collection charms and pendants can be used in so many unique ways to create breathtaking final products. Whether you feel inspired by this blog to create some movie-inspired pieces or you want to show off your own style, Steampunk has what you need. Explore the entire collection on Solid Oak. Inc’s site: Happy crafting!

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