Scrapbooking with Solid Oak

Scrapbooking with Solid Oak

Have you ever dabbled in the art of scrapbooking? If not, we highly recommend that you do. Making a scrapbook is a great way to save photos and keepsakes from your most precious memories. You can make your scrapbook as dressed up as you’d like thanks to many, many, many scrapbooking supplies that are readily available. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to stickers, stamps, and fancy paper. Today, we’re going to be giving you some ideas about how you can incorporate charms, pendants, and other products from Solid Oak Inc. into your next scrapbook!


Embellish Your Pages With Charms and Pendants

As you can see from our website, Solid Oak Inc. has a huge selection of charms and pendants. Many of these products would be great additions to any scrapbook page! Some pendants and charms may be a bit heavy, but if you have a sturdy scrapbook then the sky's the limit! Where can you use charms and pendants? Here are some examples!


On pages about a beach day: surround the photo and text with some of our Sea Life charms from the Steampunk Collection, the Rhinestone Anchor Charm from Shambala, or the Rhinestone Starfish from Estrella. 







On pages about your wedding:  you can find many different charms representing love including the Love Charm from Brianna, The Heart Pendant from Thaneeya, the Double Crystal Heart from Estrella, and more! You can also fill an Indi-Pendant picture frame charm with additional photos for a unique way to display even more of your favorite memories!


On pages about a spontaneous adventure: Frame your photos with some of our arrow charms, compass pendants, and wildlife charms! We recommend the Bird Charms, Flower and Bee Charm set, and the Tree of Life Pendant if you need some ideas. 


Create a Unique Placeholder

You know those journals with a cute built-in ribbon to hold your place? You can create one for your scrapbook with products from Solid Oak! The Shambala Collection has a multitude of colored cords that can be used as is, or tied in macrame knots with beads. You can also create a wonderful bookmark with some of the hand-dyed silk ribbon from the Brianna Collection. For a flashier look, you can use one of our Linked Crystal Chains from the Estrella Collection, and for a more antique feel, opt for one of our Steampunk chains. Adding a charm or pendant to the bottom of the bookmark will help to hold it in place and it makes it even more fun! If you truly love to make jewelry, the Beaded Wrap Bracelets from the Brianna Collection can be adapted to become a placeholder! Mix and match cords and wires with our multitude of charms and pendants to create super fun markers! You may like them so much that you’ll make one for each “chapter” of your scrapbook. Separate your scrapbook by season, year, event…. Whatever you want! Keep the creative juices flowing and see what you can create!

Keep It Closed

Making a scrapbook is an ongoing project because memories are always being made. To keep all of your hard work safe between sessions, consider adding a strap to keep it closed. Many of the same materials we discussed for creating a placeholder can be used to create a closure - specifically, the ribbon from Brianna and the cord from Shambala. Secure two equal lengths of cord or ribbon to the back of your scrapbook and voila! You can now tie a bow to keep your photos and memories safe. Not to mention how adorable your scrapbook will look. If you want to be more creative with your closure, try using lengths of chains and secure them together with one of Solid Oak’s charms! If you love color, Thaneeya is the way to go, and we have some incredible Steampunk options for an antiquated look. Feel free to add as many beads, charms, or pendants to your closure as you’d like. It’s your scrapbook, so give it a bit of your personality!

Do you have any other ways to use Solid Oak Inc. products while making a scrapbook? We love to see our customers get creative, so feel free to tag us in photos of your finished project. You can find us on Instagram @solidoakinc and Facebook @SolidOakInc. We’d love to see your work so we can share it with our customers! Have fun trying out unique scrapbooking ideas!

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