How To Make A Layered Estrella Triple Strand Crystal Necklace

How To Make A Layered Estrella Triple Strand Crystal Necklace

Welcome back! In our last post we showed how to make a patriotic version of our estrella bracelet and hinted at today’s tutorial with a red, white and blue-tiful version of today’s featured project, the Estrella Triple Strand Crystal Necklace.

Get professional results in less than an hour by using the pre-linked crystals from our Estrella line and the basic jewelry-making technique of linking.

We’ll show you how in the steps below, and showcase some of our favorite colors - mix and match from our Estrella line to add a little sparkle to any outfit with this on-trend layered necklace.

Let’s get started!


1 package of Estrella Jewelry Findings

1 Estrella Jewelry Chain

3 Linked Crystal Chains (Patriotic version: Aquamarine, Crystal and Ruby; Gradient version: Crystal, Smoke and Black)

Wire Cutters

Two pairs of pliers OR one pair of pliers and a jump ring opener

Estrella Necklace instructions 

Step 1: With your wire cutters, cut six lengths of metal chain approximately 6” (15 cm) long.

Step 2: Prepare your crystals: you will need the three strands to be different lengths. Choose the strand you would like to be outermost on your necklace, on which you will leave the full 21 crystal length. Trim the middle strand down to 18 crystals, and Trim the innermost strand to 15 crystals.

Step 3: Using small oval jump rings, attach your 6” (15 cm) chains to the each end of the three strands.

PRO TIP: If you haven’t worked with jump rings before, please see the sidebar tutorial in the instructions included below (or linked in the materials). Open your jump rings by twisting the edges apart, keeping them in an “O” formation, not pulling apart to make a “C”.

Step 4: Now lay the crystal chains out on a flat surface, with the longest at the outer edge, and the shortest at the inner edge. Ensure that neither the crystals nor the chains are twisted. Attach a jump ring on one side to hold the 3 chains together. If you wish to add an extender to the necklace, now is the time!

Step 5: Once again laying your necklace on a flat surface, ensure that neither the crystals nor the chains are twisted and attach a jump ring on the other side to hold the 3 chains together, then add a clasp before you close the jump ring.

And that’s it! You have a beautiful new necklace to wear.

In our tutorial, we showed how to make 3-color versions of the Estrella necklace, but you can also make your necklace using three chains of the same color, too! Just select 3 chains of a single color from our Estrella linked crystalsabove we show version in (from top to bottom) Crystal, Rose and Aquamarine.

We’d love to see what you create! Tag us in your photos using the hashtag #solidoakinc and follow us on Instagram @solidoakinc to see more of our crafty projects and products.

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