How to Get Started with Macrame as An Absolute Beginner

How to Get Started with Macrame as An Absolute Beginner

Welcome to the world of macrame! At Solid Oak, we're passionate about inspiring you to unleash your creativity through fun and easy DIY projects. That's why we've put together this comprehensive guide to help you get started with the art of macrame - even if you've never picked up a rope before. 

From learning what macrame is to mastering the essential knots, this guide will take you step-by-step through the process. And, you'll get to put your new skills to the test with a few simple projects, perfect for novice crafters. 

Ready or knot, here we go.

What is Macrame?

Macrame is a type of textile art that involves knotting cords or strings in a repeating pattern to create beautiful pieces. This traditional craft dates back centuries but has recently grown in popularity thanks to how fun it is. With many knot types to choose from and an endless array of possibilities for design, macrame is a versatile and accessible way to express all your creativity. 

Essential Knots in Macrame

Learning the essential knots in macrame is the first step toward creating beautiful, intricate pieces. While you could spend days mastering all the knot types out there, practicing the basics will help you create a great knowledge foundation. 

  • The square knot - Also known as "reef knot" or "friendship knot", it’s done by tying two cords together and ending in a symmetrical, square shape. Use it to join two cords together or to create a knot that allows you to change the size and shape of a project.

  • The half knot - The half knot is created by tying one cord around another, giving you an asymmetrical and slightly rounded knot. It can be used to create a border or edge, change the direction of a design, or create an adjustable loop.

  • The knot - Used to create a hanging loop, it’s made by tying a cord around itself to form a small, round knot. You can use it to hang your piece on a wall, add tassels or other decorative elements to a piece, or add weight to a project.

Macrame Made Easy with Make-Rame™ Kits

If you're interested in trying out macrame but have no idea where to start, then Make-Rame™ kits are the perfect solution! These DIY kits come with everything you need to create a beautiful macrame project from scratch without having to buy any extra materials. You’ll find high-quality cotton cords, beads, wood, metal accent pieces, and detailed instructions to guide you on creating your project.

With Make-Rame™, you'll be able to try your hand at a variety of projects, from wall hangings and plant hangers to decorative accents.

3 Simple Projects to Get You Started

Ready to get your fingers working on those knots? Here are 3 simple projects perfect for getting you started on your macrame journey. 

Make-Rame™ Bottle Bags Kit

Display your bottles at home, or offer them as a host gift, with this beautiful hanging macrame project. A few simple knots and you get an amazing piece of useful art that will last years. This kit comes with all the cords you need and instructions to make three different patterns of bags, each sized to hold most 750 ml beverage bottles.

Make-Rame™ Plant Hanger Kit - Picots

Make your potted plants the center of the room with this easy-to-make macrame hanger featuring Picot knots. The kit includes cotton cording, a wood ring, illustrated instructions, and fits most pots about 4” in diameter. Tackle this project by yourself to decompress or have a macramé party with some friends.

Make-Rame™ Mini Kit - Celtic Braid

Part of our easy-knotting macrame kits, this Celtic braid inspired wall piece is great for beginners. This kit offers cotton cord, a natural wood branch, and detailed instructions. Complete this lovely craft project in as little as 2hrs.  

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