Halloween DIY Costumes and Accessories

Halloween DIY Costumes and Accessories

It’s here! The best time of the year! Halloween, of course. Which means it’s time to get creative with the spooky, magical vibes of the season.  At Solid Oak Inc. we’re madly in love with this holiday, and wish we could celebrate it every day! Luckily we have beautiful kits, accessories, pendants, and jewelry making kits to satisfy our Halloween making needs. Along with creating your own accessories, you can DIY your own costumes, a less expensive, more fun and inspiring activity! 

The Famous Wednesday Addams 

Snap. Snap. Everyone knows the famous Wednesday Addams! This may be one of the simpler costumes yet an elegant one! You can even twist it to make it your own. All you need is a black dress with a white-collar look, a black wig that you can put into pigtails, or make it your own and use your own hair no matter what color,  but make sure it to braid it to keep the look. Next, you’ll need the lightest color makeup you can find and the darkest eyeliner to do the makeup just right to match her character. 

Put a nice twist on this costume, by adding a pendant, necklace or even some bracelets, that are just as dark and horror-like to represent Wednesday the best you can. We recommend our Giant Spider Pendant or even our Hanging Bat Pendant. How very Addams like. 

The Chic Vampire

You can’t have Halloween without a vampire or two strolling the streets searching for candy. But why be the classic vampire, when you can be the stylish vampire of all? We’re sure this DIY costume would win you any Halloween Costume Contest. Find a long flowy dress, preferably in black or red, or even a maroon color. If you can’t find faux fangs near you or don’t feel comfortable wearing them, that’s okay! You can still get some fake blood or even red eyeliner and draw the blood dripping from your mouth as if you had just bitten someone as your vampire self. 

What’s a vampire without the right accessories? Our Indi-Pendants™ collection is perfect to create your own classic necklace with an old or creepy picture to showcase as if they were one of your older vampire friends that you keep close to your heart. Of course, our Steampunk Collection has a range of pendants, small flask charms, and everything in between that would go with your vampire costume perfectly.  

The Scary Clown

For the fans of horror and terrifying things, the Scary Clown is a great costume idea just for you. All you’ll need is a white dress or a white shirt and pants. Find some fake blood at your local Halloween store, and splatter it all over your new outfit. 

Tip: Use a paintbrush to flick the fake blood all over, creating a splattered pattern. 

Of course, the most important part of the Clown Costume is the makeup! Have red eyeshadow, red lipstick, light makeup powder and black eyeliner? That’s all you need! You can find some tutorials or images right when you search to find the perfect creepy clown look you’re going for online. Don’t forget to do the crazy hair! Whether you buy a wig or use your own hair, make sure it looks just like you’re a true clown! Maybe even add a red balloon. 

If you have photos of your beautiful costumes and creations, especially ones with our products, make sure to tag and follow us @solidoakinc and use #solidoakinc, and we might even share it! 

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