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Get Inspired for February: Charms and Pendants You'll "Love"

Get Inspired for February:  Charms and Pendants You'll

DIY gifts always mean so much to whoever receives them. If you’re looking to get crafty for Valentine’s Day, why not go all-out and create a gorgeous project centered on all things love? Solid Oak Inc. loves love, so we have a wide array of charms and pendants celebrating it. This list is designed to help you easily create your perfect Valentine’s Day present to the person you love.

From The Steampunk Collection

Heart Charms ($3.99): These intricate heart charms may be small but they make a big impact. You’ll get four different designs when you purchase this set because we know that every heart is unique.

Heart Locket ($6.99): Our heart locket is a beautiful antiqued coppery color with a clear glass front. The locket is easy to open so you can quickly insert and change pictures and objects you’d like to display. 

Heart Wings Locket with Magnet Clasps ($4.99): This heart locket features a beautiful wing design in a vintage bronze finish. The magnetic clasp is strong enough to stay shut all day but is easy to open when you want to see the image you place inside. 

Love Octopus Pendant and Charms($4.99): This is one of our favorite pendants, because who doesn’t find octopi in love adorable? The tentacles are intertwined and make hearts, and you can add the single octopus charms to complete the piece.

From The Shambala Collection

Cursive Love Charm($1.99): This blindingly sparkly charm will clearly express your love for someone. Crystals are securely embedded into the shiny. silver tone metallic charm. A loop on each end makes it perfect for necklaces and bracelets.

Rhinestone Love Charm ($2.99): Here’s a different take on a “love” charm from the Shambala collection. We think the heart as the “o” is a cute touch, especially for Valentine’s Day!

Rhinestone Open Heart ($1.99): Okay, how cute is this? We love the simplicity of this charm along with its elegance. Paired with our Shambala cord, you can create a truly stunning piece of jewelry!


From The Brianna Collection

Love Charm ($2.99): This charm from our Brianna collection is simple, elegant, and has a personality. This is a great choice if the recipient doesn’t like the usual “flash” of charms.

Peace and Love Dangling Charm ($4.99): This charm is perfect for a more subtle Valentine’s Day gift. While there is an expression of love, there is also a focus on peace. This is an “anytime” charm for sure!

Joy ($2.99): This heart charm is great for telling someone that you love them and that they bring you joy. This sturdy charm won’t break and will look fabulous on anyone’s wrist!

Free Spirit ($2.99): Much like the Joy charm, the Free Spirit charm expresses more than just love. The unique bronze-y finish makes this charm stand out in the crowd and will put a smile on the wearer’s face whenever they see it. 

From The Estrella Collection

Double Heart Charm ($3.99): Interlocking hearts proclaim true love! One heart features CZ crystals for some razzle-dazzle while the other is shiny silver. The connecting loops on each side allow you to make bracelets or necklaces with ease!

From The Es-Scent-ials Collection

Lava Stone Heart ($12.99): No time to make your Valentine gifts? This locket-type aromatherapy pendant necklace is ready to wear, and comes with a piece of natural, porous lava stone to hold the essential oil of your choice. This pendant is more 3-Dimensional than the others in the collection so if that’s your style, this is for you!

Heart of Hearts ($12.99): You can’t mistake the love in this pendant! Not only is the pendant a heart, there’s also a series of delicate little hearts inside! Like the rest of our Es-Scent-ials products, this necklace is ready to wear, and is fabulous for your aromatherapy needs. 

Heart with Curls ($12.99): The Es-Scent-ials collection is full of love! Here’s another great example of a perfect Valentine’s Day pendant with the added benefit of holding essential oils!

Heart Victorian ($12.99): This pendant received its name thanks to the intricate linework within it. The design mimics many Victorian designs to make this heart look light and airy. This is a wonderful pendant for Valentine’s Day!

From The Indi-Pendants Collection

30 mm Heart ($3.99): Make your Valentine’s Day gift evenmore special by adding a personalized picture! Add a photo of someone or something special to the recipient, and watch them smile ear to ear when they open it. 

20 mm Heart($3.99): You get three pendants per pack along with the clear glass covers and adhesive to secure a photo! These pendants may be a bit smaller, but they will be equally as special to the recipient of your thoughtful gift.

From The Theneeya Collection

Amor Sugar Skulls Heart($2.99): This cheery charm features two decorated sugar skulls looking at each other longingly inside a heart. It’s always so nice to see people looking at each other with love like these two skulls do. 

Winged Sugar Heart($2.99): Sticking to the sugar skull theme we have this charm! The colors are extra vibrant making this charm one to notice! Why the wings? Because love makes you feel as light as air. 

Hello Love ($3.99): Say “hello” to “love!” Aren’t the colors on this charm so bright and cheery? We also love the script. This is a great charm for Valentine’s Day and can be a constant message to the person you gift it to.

Rectangle Heart($3.99): You can’t help smiling when you look at this charm! Hearts make everyone happy, as do the vibrant colors that are a part of why we love Thaneeya and her designs. Keep love alive always with this charm on a bracelet or necklace. 

There you have it! All of our Valentine’s Day charms and pendants organized by collection for easy shopping. We hope you’re able to create some beautiful pieces of jewelry with our products. If you use these charms and pendants for any craft, please consider tagging us in your posts! We love to see what our creative customers are able to do, and we’d love to share your creation with our followers.Make sure to follow us @solidoakinc and use #solidoakinc!