Finding the Perfect Gift: The Perfect Collection for Each Special Occasion

Finding the Perfect Gift:  The Perfect Collection for Each Special Occasion

It’s important to take time to celebrate the best parts of life with family and friends. Sometimes this celebration is for a holiday, other times for an anniversary, and sometimes just "because." No matter what you’re celebrating, Solid Oak Inc. has the perfect gift. To make things easier, we’ll talk about which collection is a good fit for some of the most popular celebrations - but keep in mind that this is simply a guide. Everyone has different personalities and tastes, so don’t be afraid to stray from this list to make your own version!



With its delicate chains and sparkly gems and pendants,Estrella is the perfect collection for anniversaries and special birthdays. Celebrate the anniversary of a first date, your engagement, or your wedding with some stunning pieces from Estrella. Does a special someone in your life have a milestone birthday coming up? Estrella is great for those too! The delicate CZ stones and crystals used in the collection add an extra touch of class that exudes elegance. Every woman loves to feel classy and sophisticated at times, and jewelry crafted from the Estrella collection will do just that. From sparkling pendants to sleek chains, you can create some amazing pieces with Estrella. 


Solid Oak’sShambala collection is perfect for birthdays! Cord bracelets, easy to make with the simplest of macrame or braiding techniques, are very trendy. Dressed up with some of our gorgeous beads and charms, this DIY jewelry is a cut above the ordinary. Find Shambala beads in the birthday boy or girl’s favorite color and watch their face light up as they open your creation. Shambala items or hand-crafted pieces will also make great gifts for randomly showing someone that they are important to you. Shambala can be as simple or as complex as you’d like, but it always makes a big impact. Anyone who receives jewelry crafted from the Shambala collection is sure to stand out from the crowd.



Because many essential oils are known for calming and healing,Es-Scent-ials pendants are perfect for “Good Lucks” and “Get Wells.” If you have a daughter in college who is heading into final exam week, gift her an Es-Scent-ials pendant and some essential oil to help her stay focused and calm. Likewise, if you know someone who is getting over the flu, an Es-Scent-ials pendant with some healing essential oils makes a very thoughtful gift. Flowers only smell good for a short time, whereas essential oils last and last. 



Steampunk can be well-suited for Halloween gifts, but also for anytime gifts. If someone you love is into the industrial or sci-fi vibe, the Steampunk collection is a perfect fit. The pendants in this collection feature all the steampunk staples including skulls, mini potion bottles, keys, gears, and so much more! Any jewelry made with Steampunk pendants will be overflowing with personality. Not into the steampunk culture? The Steampunk collection isn't all skulls and dragon eyes - although these are very popular. We also have delicate butterflies, birds, crosses, and an amazing group of Egyptian-themed pendants and charms!



Indi-Pendants are truly perfect for any special occasion. Our pendants give you total freedom of creativity because you can use any image, design, or small item you’d like inside. Give your best friend, significant other, or family member a personalized pendant and it’ll quickly become their favorite gift. Did you and your mom go to the beach every weekend when you were little? Add a picture of your special spot to the Indi-Pendant so that she can keep it close to her heart. Did a loved one recently lose their furry friend? Help ease their grief with a pendant featuring their beloved pet. Indi-Pendants are perfect for any celebration and occasion so if you’re ever looking for a present, look here first! The pendants have large attachment bails, so once you have created your personalized pendant, simply string onto any of the matching necklaces for a fast and easy DIY gift.



OurBrianna collection features beaded wrap bracelet kits along with hand-dyed silk ribbon and adorable metal charms. The triple-wrap beaded bracelets are made using a simple laddering technique, and once made will rival boutique bracelets available at 5 to 10 times the cost of the kit! If you aren’t confident in your jewlery-making abilities just yet, silk ribbons from Brianna are perfect! All you need to do is pick a charm if you so desire, and tie the ribbon to it. The hand-dyed ribbons make wonderfully comfortable bracelets and necklaces with barely any work required! Pieces made from the Brianna Collection make excellent gifts for celebrating achievements. Promotion? Brianna. Graduation? Brianna! Give the gift a more personal touch by selecting the recipient’s favorite color ribbon as well as a charm that will speak to them. Voila! An easy-to-make perfect gift. 



TheThaneeya collection screams “joy” and “cheer.” Bright colors, fun charms, and intricate designs make this collection absolutely perfect for celebrating or giving cheer. Thaneeya artwork makes people happy. It’s whimsical, bright, and unapologetic. The charms are full of character and show a different side of Solid Oak Inc. When we suggest Thaneeya as a gift it’s for one of two reasons: to celebrate something that is very happy like birthdays and graduations, or to bring a bit of sunshine to someone’s cloudy day. Since Thaneeya is a charm bracelet-type collection, you can even make it a special “thing” with someone close to you. Every birthday, why not add one more charm? Each time one of the kids moves away to college, why not give mom something new to make her smile when she’s missing you? From children to adults, Thaneeya pendants make great gifts!

We hope you have found this guide useful. As we mentioned earlier, this is trulyonly a guide. The team at Solid Oak has seen our products used in some incredibly unique ways for some incredibly unique reasons. Creativity isn’t limited by what someone else says. Find the collection that speaks to you (and the one that will speak to whomever you are giving a gift to), and create something incredible. Happy crafting!