Essential Oils to Use with the Es-Scentials Collection

Essential Oils to Use with the Es-Scentials Collection

Essential oils have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Once you try them out for yourself, it’s easy to see why! While no one claims that an essential oil will be the cure-all for every malady, each essential oil has been shown to help with different areas of physical, mental, and emotional health. Choosing the best essential oils for you can take some trial and error, but it’s totally worth exploring! Solid Oak Inc.’s Es-Scent-ials aromatherapy pendant necklaces make it easy for you; most come with ten re-usable pads, so you can try out different oils and combinations. Place a few drops of an essential oil on the pad (or natural lava stone, depending on the pendant style), close the pendant, and the decorative openings of the pendant design will diffuse your chosen scent all day.

If you are new to essential oils, where do you start? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular essential oils on the market! One key is to be sure the oils you select are genuine, pure essential oils. While these can be more costly, a tiny amount of a good quality essential oil goes a long way.


First up is a tried-and-true favorite; lavender.Lavender is said to be one of the most versatile essential oils, so it makes sense that it’s one of the favorites. The main reasons people choose to use lavender oil in their Es-Scent-ials jewelry are to ease anxiety and insomnia. Lavender has been effective in alleviating both of these issues for thousands of people. The effectiveness of lavender on both sleep and anxiety has been tested inmultiple studies over several years. The results of these studies demonstrate that lavender essential oil can help calm nerves and induce sleep. So, if you are a naturally anxious person, consider using lavender with your Es-Scent-ials Collection piece during the day. At night, the oil can be used directly on the skin, or you can keep your filled Es-Scent-ials pendant nearby to help you fall asleep faster. 


Eucalyptus essential oil is another popular choice thanks to its multi-functionality. When should you reach foreucalyptus? This is a great essential oil for you if you suffer from nasal congestion or asthma because it can really open up and clear your airways. There are plenty of medicinal rubs available over the counter that include eucalyptus oil specifically because it can make you less stuffy. If you’re wearing a pendant necklace from the Es-Scent-ials Collection, you’ll likely breathe better all day long! Now that it’s winter, it’s important to have proper defenses against a cold, and eucalyptus essential oil is one of the best and most natural!Eucalyptus oilhas also been proven to relieve minor aches and pains including arthritis, headaches, and sore muscles. If you ask us, eucalyptus is an essential oil lover’s must-have. 


AhhhhSandalwood, the rich and natural smell that we all know and love. Sandalwood essential oil can be somewhat underappreciated, and we want to change that. Sandalwood essential oil is fantastic for relaxation. Load up your Es-Scent-ials Collection with this oil and you’ll feel more calm and grounded all day. Sandalwood is an essential oil of choice for those who like to meditate, and it can be a big help during especially stressful days. In fact, if anyone you know is going through a stressful time, consider buying them something from the Es-Scent-ials Collection along with some Sandalwood essential oil! You won’t just make their day because you got them a gift, you’ll make their week by helping them relax! 



Peppermint oil is another “essential” essential oils. Like lavender, peppermint oil is known to help treat many different issues. If you use peppermint oil in your Es-Scent-ials Collection, you’ll be able to help relieve headaches as well as congestion. Peppermint has an anti-inflammatory property that is proven to be effective against headaches and migraines. The powerful odor is also extremely good at opening your sinuses to help clear mucus. Like eucalyptus, peppermint essential oil is a great choice for seasonal allergies or colds. In addition to respiratory benefits, peppermint oil also helps bring up your energy and mood in general. Is your New Year’s Resolution to head to the gym and get your body moving? If so, peppermint oilmight be perfect for you! A few drops in your Es-Scent-ials pendant will help to keep your body and mind feeling healthy and alert.


There you have it; four of the essential oils we love! If you’re just starting out with essential oils, these are great options to try out. Solid Oak’s Es-Scent-ial Collection makes it super easy for your essential oils to do their thing all day long. Take a look at the collection and pick a pendant that will make you feel as good as your essential oils will!