DIY Your Way to Steampunk Style

DIY Your Way to Steampunk Style

If you're a fan of literature, movies, video games, or even fashion, chances are you've seen steampunk's influence. That’s because this retro-futuristic style that combines the best of the Victorian era with futuristic technology is a living contradiction. Its ability to bring together different elements in a way that is both familiar and fantastical is what good stories are made of.

In this blog, we take a look at the history of steampunk and explore how it has impacted pop culture. We'll also share some key pieces you can use to create your own steampunk-inspired projects. 

So grab a cup of tea, put on your favorite top hat, and join us in this magical world!

Skull Charms with Hanging Loops

Let’s talk steampunk.

Have you ever wondered where steampunk came from? This fascinating genre has roots that go back to the Victorian era when steam-powered technology was at its peak. It's a world of top hats, corsets, and intricate clockwork machinery, where the past and the future collide. 

Steampunk has its origins in the science fiction and fantasy literature of the 19th century, particularly stories from authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. They imagined a future where technology had advanced beyond anything that was currently possible, and they created stories that captured the imagination of readers everywhere. Steampunk took this idea and put a unique spin on it, imagining a familiar but fantastical world where steam power was still the dominant force in technology and design.

Wednesday Inspired Steampunk Charms

Steampunk in pop culture

Steampunk has become well-known in pop culture over the past few decades, influencing movies, tv, books, and fashion. The unique aesthetic and captivating stories have sparked the imaginations of people around the world.

One of the most iconic examples of steampunk is the 1999 movie "Wild Wild West". It introduced us to an alternate reality of the 19th century where the movie's villain uses steam-powered gadgets to create a giant mechanical spider he uses against the heroes who, decked out in steampunk fashion, aim to save the day.

Steampunk made a big move in modern culture with the release of Wednesday, a modern reimagining of the moodiest member of the Addams Family.

Today, Steampunk is a genre that celebrates innovation, creativity, and the idea that the future is limited only by our imagination.

Build your own eccentric steampunk accessories

At Solid Oak, we make it easy to create amazing, unique jewelry and accessories in the Steampunk tradition — without scavenging through yard sales and flea markets for interesting parts.

Here are a few of our favorites to help jump-start your own steampunk journey:

  • Raven Skull Pendant - Add a touch of mystery and darkness with this pendant inspired by the Victorian fascination with mourning and the intricate mechanics of the natural world. 
  • Antique Gold Watch Case - An embodiment of the fusion of science and art that defines steampunk, this imitation pocket watch is an ode to the mechanical complexity Victorians loved.
  • Secret Stash Vial Pendant - A perfect steampunk amulet, this pendant evokes a sense of scientific experimentation and alchemy. Combine with gears, clock faces, and keys for the ultimate piece. 
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