Create Your Own On-Trend Jewelry

Create Your Own On-Trend Jewelry

Have you ever tried to keep up with the latest and greatest fashion trends? If you have, you know that it can be exhausting! Trends change so often that it's hard to get on board before the ship has sailed. Jewelry trends are no different. One day, rose gold is in, and the next day it's out. Why spend a fortune on jewelry that will inevitably go out of style? Solid Oak Inc. offers everything you need to stay on trend without breaking the bank. And, your jewelry will be one-of-a-kind, handcrafted by you! We've consulted some of the top fashion experts the internet has to offer and we've nailed down these four trends that are all the rage this season. Let's see how you can rock these trends with a little help from the Solid Oak Inc. Collections. 

Animal Motif

It can be rare to have a motif that follows the entire fashion industry rather than one designer. 2020 is becoming the year that changes! Jewelry featuring animals is very trendy at the moment and is predicted to stay that way during the year. We aren't only referring to animal prints or dainty charms; Balmain made a rhinestone wrap-around scorpion collar necklace for a recent fashion show. It's large and in charge and very on-trend. Solid Oak has plenty of animal-themed charms and pendants for you to choose from. Our Steampunk Collection is filled with animal-related charm and pendant sets, and our exclusive Thaneeya McArdle collection has some colorful animal pendants of its own. Here are a few of our favorite charms and pendants that will fit into the animal motif trend:

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The next trend identified by the experts is chokers. Chokers can be as simple as a single strap or chain, or they can have many layers and sport pendants or charms. Whatever style of choker you like, Solid Oak Inc. can help you create it. We have antiqued finish metal chains in the Steampunk and Indi-Pendant Collections, and dainty silver chains with rhinestones in our Estrella Collection. Our Shambala Collection includes cords in a variety of colors that can be used to make chokers. For a softer option, check out the Brianna Collection's hand-dyed silk ribbons. These ribbons have tapered, finished ends, and are so gorgeous you can tie them around your neck and call it a day. Dress up any of the chains or cord options with beads, charms, and pendants from all of our collections. Go for Steampunk if you want an edgier look and Estrella for a more feminine touch. Every collection will have something you love, so check them all out before you place your order! 

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According to experts, jewelry styles featuring spheres are in this year. Spheres are clean and smooth, and they're simple. The fashion world is currently in love with this trend. Luckily, this may be the easiest trend to mimic! Solid Oak Inc. has countless options for you. We have spherical beads large, small, and everywhere in between. You can get beads with rhinestones in every color of the rainbow. Our Shambala Collection has dozens of beads to choose from, all of which fit this popular jewelry trend. You can also order some Semiprecious Hematite beads for a dark and mysterious look. Our Brianna Bracelet Kits include round beads as well, qualifying them for this 2020 jewelry trend. Let your creativity flow and create bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with Solid Oak beads. You'll be on top of the latest trends for a fraction of the price. 

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Colorful Jewelry

The last trend we want to talk about today is colorful jewelry! A quick look through our collections will show you that we love color! Our most colorful collection is Thaneeya, full of vibrant pendants and charms that will bring a smile to your face every time you look at them. As mentioned in the previous trend, our Shambala Collection includes a rainbow of beads that are great for this trend, too! The Brianna silk ribbons and the Shambala colored cords can also be great for achieving a colorful look. If you're looking for a classy necklace that's colorful but not over-the-top, look no further than the rhinestone chains from the Estrella Collection. The Steampunk Collection has quite a few charms and pendants that give a pop of color including dragon eyes, mini glass bottles, and tarot cards. Mix and match our collections to create your perfect piece of colorful jewelry!

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Visit to order your favorite on-trend chains, cords, charms, and pendants. Combine multiple trends into one piece for even more flair. You don't have to spend hundreds to stay fashionable. We hope you've been inspired to create your own looks! If you come up with an incredible creation, don't forget to tag us @solidoakinc! We may feature your creation in a post or blog. Happy crafting!

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