Collection Spotlight: Outfit Ideas that Pair Perfectly with Our Estrella Collection

Collection Spotlight: Outfit Ideas that Pair Perfectly with Our Estrella Collection

Whether you’re planning for a night out, a cozy movie date in, or a casual stroll around neighborhood shops, Solid Oak Inc.’s Estrella collection will add the perfect finishing touches to an outfit of choice. One of the great things about the Estrella collection is its ability to be dressed up or down to match your chosen style of the day. We’ve put together some trendy outfit choices that will pair perfectly with our charms, pendants, and chains. 

Outfit 1 | Perfectly Casual 

Many of the Estrella pendants are perfect for a casual look. They’re shiny and beautiful but will look effortless with a simple chain. For this look, you can create a bracelet or a necklace with our charms and pendants. Pair your creation with a simple top, dark jeans, ankle-height booties, and a cute cardigan (if it’s chilly). You’ll look casual but put together with just enough sparkle to catch people’s attention. 

Some of our favorite pendants and charms for this look are thefeather, thekey, and thearrow

Casual Outfit- Estrella Pendants

Outfit 2 | Ready For a Night On The Town

For a more dramatic evening look, you can utilize Solid Oak Inc.’s Estrella crystal chains! Add charms if you wish, or layer up the chains. You can create a high-class evening look in just about any color! For a nighttime look, we recommend pairing your Estrella jewelry with a sleek black jumpsuit, your favorite heels, and a clutch. Add pops of color with your heels and your Estrella creation and you’re ready to make a statement! Check out ourEstrella collection page to browse all of our beautiful crystal chains and charms.

Night Out- Estrella Crystal Chain

Outfit 3 | Cocktail Party Chic

Our Estrella collection is also perfect for a cocktail-type event. Much like the previous look, we think layered chains or a crystal chain with a charm/pendant make perfect accessories to your cocktail attire. When attending a cocktail party, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress. You can stick to all black, add a pop of color, or add some silver accents. Our Estrella collection is perfect for all three options! Find some strappy heels and a cute little handbag, pair them with your Estrella creation, and wow everyone at the event!

Cocktail Party- Estrella Crystal Chain

Outfit 4 | Business Casual

Solid Oak’s Estrella collection is perfect for working during the day. Our chains and charms are lightweight and durable so you don’t need to worry about wearing them for long periods of time. For a business casual look, you want to look more dressy than you would while shopping at the mall without coming across as too stuffy. To accomplish this, we recommend a nice pair of dark jeans with a blouse and blazer paired with sensible heels and your gorgeous jewelry creation. The Estrella collection is perfect for adding flair without being too over-the-top, and you’ll look fabulous in any meeting.  We love theCurved Bar Charm and theTeardrop Charm for this type of look. 

Business- Estrella Charms

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in our outfit ideas. Pairing jewelry with and outfit can be a challenge, but the Solid Oak Estrella collection has charms, pendants, and chains for every occasion. Dress up your look and add some sparkle with our products and feel confident in your outfit. Be sure to take a look at all of Solid Oak’s products on our website to find even more pendants and charms for future events. Start creating your next favorite accessory at