Collection Spotlight:  Ideas that Pair Perfectly with our Shambala Collection

Collection Spotlight: Ideas that Pair Perfectly with our Shambala Collection

Our Shambala Collection is named after the mystical kingdom of the same name celebrated in Tibetan Buddhism. The Shambala Collection is simple but elegant, making it a perfect choice for jewelry makers who love to rock different styles. With the warmer weather approaching, you might be looking to refresh your wardrobe. Our team has crafted some outfit ideas that will pair perfectly with your favorite piece of Shambala jewelry! We hope these looks give you the inspiration you've been looking for. 


Outfit 1 | Casual Chic

To begin, let's talk about how the Shambala Collection can be dressed down for casual, everyday wear. We have many charms and beads that are simple enough to be worn daily with any outfit you put together. As you can see, we think that a charm like the Infinity Sign would make an excellent bracelet to pair with a simple t-shirt, some ripped jeans, and some white sneakers. Other charms that would pair well with this look well include the Love Charm, the Hope Charm, the Peace Sign Charm, and any of the rhinestone beads! Solid Oak Inc. offers Shambala cord in a variety of colors so you can create your very own bracelet or necklace.  

charms, DIY jewelry charm

Outfit 2 | Punk

Sometimes you want a casual outfit that makes you feel powerful and cool. Our Shambala Collection works for this style too! We have bracelet kits designed for the edgier jewelry maker. Our Spikes and Skulls Kit is always a popular choice. You can even adapt it (like we did in the image) and swap out the skull beads for some of our rhinestone options. Pair your new edgy bracelet with a simple necklace featuring our Gothic Cross Charm and you can cross accessories off your outfit to-do list. For a casual punk look, we recommend a patterned top, a cropped-sleeve leather or bomber jacket, some frayed jean shorts (or jeans), high top sneakers, and some stylish shades.

Steampunk DIY jewelry


Outfit 3 | Business Casual

There are always occasions where you'll be expected to dress up, but not too much. This outfit is perfect for those situations, and for looking fabulous in the office. Get yourself some cropped black dress pants and pair them with a flowy white blouse. Add some nude heels to elongate your leg and a neutral handbag to match. Create a gorgeous necklace and earring set with Solid Oak Inc.'s Shambala Rhinestone Beads in the color of your choice. Pop on a dark denim jacket or a blazer and you're ready to take on the day! The beads in the Shambala Collection are very versatile, so it's easy to make jewelry sets you love! Stick to clear rhinestones for pieces you can pair with anything, or add a pop of color to your ensemble with our vibrant bead options. Find them all on the Shambala Collection page. 

Rhinestone beads, DIY jewelry

Outfit 4 | Summer Soiree 

Looking for a dressy outfit that is appropriate for things like weddings, baby showers, and birthdays? This is the outfit for you! A simple flowy white dress is a summer essential. Pair it with one of our Rhinestone Tube Beads (this outfit uses the Capri/Blue/Topaz bead) on a chain to make a gorgeous necklace. You can even order tube beads in multiple colors and simply switch them based on your outfit! For a cohesive set, purchase some matching rhinestone beads and turn them into beautiful hanging earrings. Finish off the look with some strappy heels in a matching color, grab a wristlet to hold your phone, and lip balm, and you're good to go. 

rhinestone tube beads

We hope these outfit ideas have inspired you to create new pieces of jewelry featuring the Solid Oak Inc. Shambala Collection. If you're new to jewelry making, take a look at the bracelet kits we have available. They come with easy to follow instructions and all of the products you need. Mix and match beads and cords to create a colorful piece that makes you smile. Jewelry doesn't have to be intricate to be beautiful, and the Shamabal Collection is a prime example of that. Have fun shopping and crafting! We'd love to see your creations. If you tag us on social media @solidoakinc, we may feature your jewelry in a future post or blog!

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