Christmas in July: Beaded Snowflake Ornament Tutorial

Christmas in July: Beaded Snowflake Ornament Tutorial

When it’s too hot outside and you’re dreaming of cooler things, what better time to craft for the upcoming holidays? Our beaded snowflake ornaments are the perfect projects for instant-gratification crafting the entire family can enjoy! Our Creative Director Sandy used this project as a family activity during a holiday get-together, and four generations of people sat together and happily made snowflakes: both nieces (ages 4 and 14), adult nephew's 20-something girlfriend, sister-in-law (who is literally a rocket scientist), and mother. Everyone enjoyed making snowflakes - the youngest niece in particular enjoyed choosing her own beads and stringing them on (an adult made the loops for her!).


You can buy everything-you-need kits here, or use your own bead stash with our snowflake wire forms to create unique ornaments for your holiday decor.


  • 1 Ornament Kit (Shown in Vintage Style Snowflakes); each kit includes 3 snowflake wire forms, real crystal beads, and jewelry-quality pearlized glass beads to make the 3 ornaments shown.
  • 1 pair of round-nose pliers


Step 1: String beads onto the wire form according to the kit instructions, one arm at a time.

Step 2: When you have finished stringing beads onto one arm, use a pair of round-nose pliers to twist the very end of each wire to form a small loop to hold the beads in place.

To Make Loops: Firmly grasp the tip of the wire with your round-nose pliers.



Rotate your wrist to curl the wire around one barrel of the pliers.



Our snowflake forms are made from a hardened wire in order to better hold the six-pointed shape. It may take a little hand strength to make the loops, but with practice it should get easier. The center weld of the snowflake form is strong, but be careful of bending the arms of the snowflake as that will weaken the center weld and could break your snowflake.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until all six arms of your snowflake form are complete. Now you can attach a tree hook or a pretty piece of ribbon (or our Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbons) and you’re ready to hang your snowflake on your own tree or give it as gift to a friend.

We also offer Ornament Kits in Ruby, Blue, Gold, and Pearl:



Have your own stash of beads and want to create your own unique snowflakes? You can purchase our Snowflake Wire Forms separately to freestyle your own unique holiday decor!



Let it snow!

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