Charms and Pendants That Are Perfect For Summer

Charms and Pendants That Are Perfect For Summer

Does anyone else love summer? It's one of our favorite seasons! Nothing makes a day better than spending time outside, soaking up the sun, lounging by the water, and enjoying the nice weather. Summer outfits are also super cute and comfortable! If you're looking to add a little flash to your summer attire, create some jewelry with charms and pendants from Solid Oak Inc.! We have exactly what you need to create some summer jewelry that will complete your outfit. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Beach Chic

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Is it really summer if you don't take at least one trip to the beach? For many summer-lovers, the beach is synonymous with their favorite season. If you're one of those people, Solid Oak has all of the charms and pendants you could ever hope for! You can create some incredible pieces with products from several of our collections. Keep your beach chic jewelry understated with smaller charms, or be loud and proud about your favorite place to be with a large pendant! We have it all, so you can create a whole ensemble of pieces. 

From Steampunk: The Steampunk Collection is full of nautical charms and pendants. The sea life charms are hugely popular, as are the mermaid pendants. You can feature some of your favorite sea creatures from octopi to turtles to dolphins to show off your love of the sea. If you have a favorite beach, order some mini bottle charms and fill them up with sand! You can bring the beach with you wherever you go. 

From Estrella: Want to add some flash to your look and still show off your love for the beach? The Estrella collection has a Starfish charm that is covered in a pavé of tiny, but brilliant genuine CZ crystals. The summer sun will shine off your new jewelry so brightly that everyone will want to see your creation. 

From Thaneeya: Our Thaneeya Collection has some options for beachy jewelry as well! Brighten up your outfit with the colorful dolphin or starfish charms! With white as the summer apparel color of choice, adding some pops of color with Thaneeya charms is an easy and welcome splash of fun. These charms are whimsical, unique, and perfect for summer!

From Shambala: To finish off our beachy charms and pendants, let's talk about the anchor charm from the Shambala Collection! Nothing says nautical like an anchor with rope, and nothing says fashion quite like rhinestones. This charm has both! If you're a lover of the sea and a lover of all things sparkly, this is the charm for you. 

The Beauty Of Nature

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In addition to the beach, people love summer because it's when nature is at its most exuberant. Flowers and trees are fully bloomed, roads are lined with lush grass or dense foliage, and there are beautiful creatures everywhere. Solid Oak Inc. has pendants and charms that were designed to appreciate the beauty of nature. From flowers to animals, there's something for everyone. In fact, we have so many nature-themed products that we can't talk about them all here! Be sure to check out the Collections to find even more nature charms and pendants. 




Butterfly Charms


Tree Lava Stone

Tree Branch Pendant

Watering Can

Tree of Life

Bird Charms



Flowers and Bee Charms


Maple Leaf




Tree of Life Charm

Ladybug Charm

Dangling Butterfly Charm

Turtle Charm

Easy Breezy

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The last category of summer jewelry we want to talk about is what we call "Easy Breezy." Summer outfits are often lightweight and flowy, so they move in the breeze. You also don't tend to have to put much thought into a summer outfit - some light pants and a flowy top or a sundress will do. If you want some easy-breezy jewelry to match, we've got great news! We have lots of charms and pendants as well as lightweight materials like silk ribbon. Finish any summer look with your creation and you'll be good to go. 

From Brianna: Nothing makes for an easier piece of jewelry than our hand-dyed silk ribbon from the Brianna Collection. You can pair it with charms and pendants or simply wrap it on your wrist or ankle for a boho look. We recommend the lighter colors to really fit the summer theme such as Aqua, Caribbean Sunrise, South Beach, and the Caribbean. Any of the Brianna charms would work for this type of look, and they add a little something to the already beautiful silk ribbon. You don't even need any jewelry tools to string a Brianna charm onto a ribbon or chain to create your summer jewelry.

From Steampunk: For a look that reminds you of a cool summer breeze, order yourself some feather charms! When feathers get caught in a breeze they float effortlessly. You can also opt for some wing pendants or even bird charms!

From Estrella: For a sparkly but simple and elegant piece, check out the Estrella Collection. The rhinestone bars are perfect options, as well as the feather, the large circle, or any of the linked crystal chains! This collection is great for dressier summer jewelry that knows how to sparkle. 

From Shambala: We love the idea of creating pieces with the crystal-encrusted round beads from our Shambala Collection. There are many colors to choose from to match your personality and reflect summer. You can also use the infinity charm, the love charm, the peace sign, or the tube beads. Really, all of the charms from this collection are simple, clean, and gorgeous for that Easy Breezy look. The Shambala cords can be used to create simple, everyday pieces that are perfect for summer. The Shambala cord is durable and beautiful, and can be braided or knotted for a variety of jewelry constructions.

From Thaneeya: Any charm from this collection will be a summer hit. The bright colors and whimsical designs feel like summer to us. The designs are quirky and fun so that you smile every time you see your masterpiece. All you need to create pieces with the Thaneeya collection is a chain necklace or bracelet and some of the charms and pendants. It doesn't get much easier than that. 

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Have you been inspired to create your own summer jewelry? We hope so because the possibilities are endless. The Solid Oak team loves to see your creations so please tag us in any social media posts! You can find us on Facebook @SolidOakInc, Instagram @solidoakinc, and Pinterest @solidoak_inc. We can't wait to see what you create! Happy crafting!

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