Blogger Roundup: Jewelry Projects created with Solid Oak Products

Blogger Roundup: Jewelry Projects created with Solid Oak Products

Today we’re excited to share some inspiring projects created by some of our favorite craft bloggers - all of which use items from Solid Oak collections! It’s always fun to see what others create from our materials, which often results in projects we might not have thought of ourselves!

Janet Liu of Crystals and Clay created an amazing Skull and Roses necklace using a Shambala Skull Charm, an Indi-Pendants Antiqued Silver Square, an Estrella Jewelry Chain, Fimo clay, superglue and an artistic eye. We just love the detail work she did with those little roses!

Lindsay Weirich of The Frugal Crafter made several fun projects using materials from our collections. First, she took a Steampunk Book Locket, a Steampunk Chain, a Steampunk Octopus Eye, a Steampunk Bird Charm and a Steampunk Clock Charm and turned them into a small traveling watercolor palette, perfect for urban water color art!

Next she took one of our Bead Wrap Bracelet Kits in Golden Tiger and added a Brianna Steam Dangling Charm to create her own one-of-a-kind accessory. 

Finally, Lindsay took our Steampunk Antler Charms and Pendant and a Steampunk Elk Pendant along with some chain and stone beads from her own stash and created this stunning necklace and earrings set. 

Jen Strauser of The Dizzy Quilter recently used Solid Oak items to embellish her sewing projects. She added a touch of whimsy to this delightful fish bag using our Steampunk Gears for eyes!

To celebrate these wonderful projects we’ve started a Pinterest board for Solid Oak Jewelry Projects. Check back often, as we continue to add to this board as our customers and fans share their pictures with us. If you would like to share your projects with us please add the hastshag #solidoakinc to your photos on Instagram!