Beginner's Guide to Macrame: How Our DIY Kits Make It Easy

Beginner's Guide to Macrame: How Our DIY Kits Make It Easy

 Dipping your toes into the world of macrame can feel a bit daunting at first. 

The intricate knots, the beautiful designs, and the seemingly complex process is enough to make even the most experienced crafter hesitate. 

Make-ramé Kits make starting macrame much easier than you think, as our DIY kits are designed to make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible.

What's in the kit?

Each kit is carefully curated to include everything you need to complete a project from start to finish. 

Nature lovers might enjoy the "Make-ramé Three Leaves Mini Kit" - which comes with off-white cord, a natural wood branch and clear, step by step instructions. Without the kit, you’d have needed to source each item individually. 

We've taken the guesswork out of the process, ensuring you have the right amount of materials and clear directions to guide you along the way.

Basic Knots Tutorial

One of the first steps in mastering macrame is learning the basic knots. 

Our kits provide clear, easy-to-follow tutorials for knots like the square knot, the lark's head knot, and the double half hitch. These foundational knots form the basis of most macrame designs, and once you've got these down, you'll be well on your way to creating beautiful pieces.

 square knot

Square Knot

  1. Start with four cords.
  1. Bring the right cord over and to the left of the two anchor cords.
  1. Place the left cord over the right cord.
  1. Bring the left cord under the anchors and through the loop formed by the right cord.
  1. Pull and you have the first half of the Square Knot.
  1. Bring the left cord over and to the right of the two anchor cords and place the right cord over it.
  1. Bring the right cord under the anchors and through the loop formed by the left cord.
  1. Pull the cords and you have the finished Square Knot.

Why people love Make-ramé

Don't just take our word for it, though. Many beginners have found success with our DIY kits. One of our customers, Sharon, shared her experience with the Three Leaves Mini Kit.

This was my first macrame attempt and it was enjoyable and turned out well! As I got a feel for how tight or loose the knots should be to make it consistent, I did unravel a row here and there, but it was quick and redone easily, so even a beginner can do this with good results! I will purchase another, especially since this kit came with a $5 off coupon on my next order. I recommend this kit!

Stories like Sharon’s are common among our customers. Our kits have helped many beginners transition into confident macrame artists, creating beautiful pieces they're proud to display.

Get Knotting!

Starting a new craft doesn't have to be intimidating. 

With our DIY macrame kits, you have all the tools and guidance you need to dive into macrame and start creating beautiful, intricate pieces. 

So why wait? Embrace your creativity, learn a new skill, and discover the joy of macrame. 

Your journey starts with just one knot.

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