Bright Colors Never Go Out of Style: How to Rock Thaneeya Jewelry

Bright Colors Never Go Out of Style: How to Rock Thaneeya Jewelry

It's finally Spring! After a long winter full of cold, dreary days, the bright colors of spring are always welcomed with open arms. You can get a jump start on adding some color to your day with Solid Oak's Thaneeya Collection! This is our most vibrant and whimsical collection by far, perfect for welcoming the new season. Of course, is there ever really abad time for fun colors? We don't think so! Let's take a look at our Thaneeya Collection and some fun ways to rock your new jewelry.

Bright Colors Are Good For Boosting Your Mood

Did you know that different colors are proven to change your emotional state? There's actually a very complex science behind colors and color theory, and while we don't have time to get into that, we do want to cover some of thebasics. Reds, oranges, and yellows - the "warm" colors - all evoke feelings of happiness, optimism, and energy. Most of our Thaneeya charms include these colors so that you feel happy every time you look at them! The cool tones - blues, greens, and purples - are calming and soothing, and can spark creativity. Purple is especially creative because it mixes a cool tone (blue) with a warm tone (red). More generally speaking, "happy colors" are bright and vibrant. They include yellow, pink, orange, and red along with pastels. All of the Thaneeya charms and pendants incorporate a variety of these colors specifically to lighten your mood and brighten your day. Mix these happy colors with our whimsical designs and you get a collection filled with uplifting pieces that are sure to make anyone smile. 

Thaneeya Charm DIY Bracelet

Our Fun Designs by Thaneeya McArdle Celebrate Life and Joy

The Thaneeya Collection is named as such because of Thaneeya McArdle, the genius artist behind every design. Every piece of art produced by Thaneeya is bright, fun, and exciting. We knew they'd be perfect for a jewelry collection! Thaneeya sells her artwork on pillows, shirts, coloring books, water bottles, and countless other items. Her pieces bring joy to people of all ages. Her designs are joyfully childlike in that they are colorful and often feature nature and animals, but they're also "adult" thanks to the complexity and sophistication of the artwork. You're only as old as you feel, so who says you can't have a fun and vibrant charm bracelet at any age? There are charms perfect for everyone. so don't let age stop you from finding the fun!

Some Creative Ways To Rock Your Thaneeya Charms and Pendants!

There are so many ways to use Solid Oak's Thaneeya charms! There's no limit on creativity after all. Here are a few of our favorite ways to rock your Thaneeya jewelry.

The Classic Charm Bracelet: This one's obvious, but it's a timeless classic. What better use is there for charms than a charm bracelet? Solid Oak Inc. sells adjustable-length chain bracelets specially designed for the Thaneeya Collection. Each Thaneeya charm is complete with an attached, clip-on lobster claw clasp, so there are no tools needed; simply clip the charm onto the chain. You can swap out charms as often as you'd like! Fill up the chain with a charm for every link, or wear charm one at a time. Your charms will always be close by if you need a little boost of happiness. Unlike most jewelry charms, Thaneeya charms all have their full-color design on both front and back - so the splash of color happens at every angle.

Zipper Pulls: Here's a clever idea if you're not much of a jewelry person. You can clip Thaneeya charms to zippers! They add color, sparkle, and whimsy to jackets, backpacks, purses, lunch boxes, and more! Have to wear a jacket outside? People will still be able to see your charms! Necklaces against school dress code? Your backpack will still look great! You can change up your charms to show off your whole collection no matter where you go.

Key Chains: Another great way to display your new Thaneeya charms and pendants is on a key chain! Solid Oak Inc. offers akeyring specifically for this collection. You can make your bundle of keys happier when you attach your charms, or use the key ring as an alternate way to bring color to your bags or backpacks. These pendants, charms, and key rings are very durably made; one of us here at Solid Oak has had a Thaneeya Mandala design pendant on her keys for at least a couple of years - and the pendant still looks great.

Thaneeya Charm DIY Keychain

Iron-Ons: Did you know that the Thaneeya Collection also includes iron-on patterns? You can easily transfer the design to any light-colored cotton shirt, apron, or canvas tote bag, and then have a blast coloring it in with fabric markers! Why hide your colors in a coloring book, when you can wear your creations on a shirt? People will ask you where you got your incredible outfit, and you can proudly tell them it's a Thaneeya design colored by you!

Thaneeya iron-on design - Enjoy This Moment tote bag


Thaneeya Collection

We hope you've found this blog inspiring. We absolutely adore our Thaneeya Collection and we want to spread the cheer it brings to all of our customers. Take a look at the whole collection on our website: To learn more about Thaneeya McArdle and to shop for other types of products, visit her website at You can also find her on Instagram @artbythaneeya and Facebook @Thaneeya McArdle. Add some color to your life with Thaneeya products today! Happy shopping!